These 10 prebiotic foods to replenish your gut flora

These 10 prebiotic foods to replenish your gut flora

They are often confused with probiotics. Yet prebiotics have their own existence and are essential to the body. These are special carbohydrates that have the property of not being digested from the top of the digestive tract.

Prebiotics enter the colon intact, where they are fermented by bacteria. The latter are then better equipped to fight off pathogenic bacteria. Prebiotics thus contribute to the correct development of the intestinal flora – also known as microbiota. Specialists recommend eating it after an illness or taking antibiotics. Here are the foods that contain the most.


It is an excellent source of prebiotics. Garlic, once chopped or crushed, is added to all sauces. Some also eat it raw. Be careful not to abuse it: garlic contains allicin, which smells very strong.


Chocolate has more health benefits than you might think. In addition to magnesium, it contains flavonoids, powerful antioxidants known for their prebiotic effects. To consume without moderation.


at bananas

Bananas are high in fiber and suitable for all diets. Experts recommend eating fully ripe ones. This makes digestion easier.




Prebiotics are also found in legumes such as lentils.



the endives

Endives also contain inulin. To enjoy it, it can be eaten in a salad with walnuts and Comté cheese. A vinaigrette with walnut oil completes this appetizer.

The almonds

Full of calcium, almonds are also good for the intestinal flora according to the latest scientific findings. They would prevent premature aging.

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The turnips

Beets are also high in fiber with a prebiotic nature. Once cooked, it’s diced with shallots and parsley for a healthy salad.


Grapefruit is famous for its vitamin C, but it also contains some prebiotic fiber. Enjoy as a juice or in a salad for breakfast.



The Rye

The rye fiber, which we benefit from when we eat bread made from this grain, for example, contains a little prebiotic.


We no longer count the benefits of the artichoke. Cooked or raw, it is very high in fiber. Nutritionists recommend it for the liver. In addition, it contains inulin, a Prebiotic to stimulate the intestinal flora.