There has been a lot of noise about Liver Disease, this is the reason it is suspected

There has been a lot of noise about Liver Disease, this is the reason it is suspected

Mysterious chronic hepatitis caused a situation in the middle of 2022. Not without reason, because this disease attacks children with symptoms that are severe and have the possibility of causing death.

However, until now it is not known what caused mm hepatitis to suddenly appear. This disease itself is similar to the disease liver disease normal, but the symptoms are more severe.

Some people also think that this serious hepatitis appears to be targeting children, because there is a lack of immunity due to the Covid-19 disease. But is it true that the immune system can cause the disease?

Pediatrician at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Hanifah Oswari, explained that the Covid-19 disease has caused many changes, especially for children whose growth and development have been delayed during the disease. This includes possible immune deficiencies in infected children.

“When (the disease) happened, the children were locked up, they were protected, and they were kept at home, they rarely get sick because everything is done at home, but when they came out, they were surprised, their prevention he was shocked because so far no one has ever been sick. He was a catalyst,” said Hanifah at a press conference held by the Ministry of Health on Friday (16/9).

symptoms of hepatitissymptoms of hepatitis. (Photo: iStockphoto/Simonkr)

He stated that, prevention gap it is a situation when there is not much energy for the child’s body. Stimulants here refer to the types of stimulants that increase the immune system.

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Because there is no stimulant, the child’s immune system is not good. As a result, when he comes out, his body will be shocked and he can receive the disease in a severe condition.

“So there is a possibility that the immune response is not activated because this child is locked at home, he does not go out, he is very protected at home, this is how it is during Covid-19,” he said.

“There can be changes in the immune system. So the immune gap theory may be true, but this is still a hypothesis, there is no further research,” he said.

A total of 91 cases mm hepatitis happened in Indonesia. Out of 35 of them there are possibilities, 7 are pending, and 49 have been rejected. The number of cases spread across 22 provinces. The province that contributed the most of the 35 possible cases was DKI Jakarta with 12 cases.


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