The Whistlers: The Miniseries Denouncing Harassment of Women

The Whistlers: The Miniseries Denouncing Harassment of Women

On the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Rights Day, France 2 broadcast the mini-series “Les Siffleurs”.

What is “The Pipers” about? Lila, a nice student, suddenly disappears after a night out with friends. She had created @lessiffleurs, a social media account where she posted a “selfie” of herself with each of the men who harassed her on the street every day. The captain in charge of the investigation, Marianne Kacem, can’t help but think that Lila was unconscious because she was walking around in a miniskirt, provoking her stalkers: we have to find her quickly!

His concept? Take a selfie with any man who bothers you to embarrass you. Unfortunately, after a night out with friends, Lila suddenly disappears.

The young blogger was able to file a complaint for assault before he disappeared, but the damage is done. So this story plunges Marianne into an investigation that combines justice, clash of generations, thriller and responsibility. The aim of this mini-series is to address the issue of street harassment seen by multiple generations.

The cast consists of Nadia Tariffs who plays Marianne. Ludmilia Makowski plays the role of Lila. Finally, Charles Berling, Marion Delage, Flora Djien or Stephane Monetit complete the cast of the mini-series co-produced by France 2. The mini-series therefore examines the evolution of perceptions of street harassment over the years as a result of this generational gap.

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Nadia Tariffs finds a starring role after many years away from the seventh art. The actress explains that after her children were born, she took time off to look after them full-time. Often present in French productions in the 2000s, she had completely disappeared from 2008 to 2016. Her last appearances date from 2020 with a role in the Marseille series or the French adaptation of “Luther”.

The mini-series “Les Siffleurs” will therefore be broadcast on France 2 on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. It is recommended to consult an internet box comparator to choose internet access and enjoy access to TV channels. Otherwise it is also possible to see it in Replay on the France Télévisions group platform. The next episode will air on Wednesday March 15th.

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