The Wheel, Le Cercle des 7: What is this game that TF1 will release on June 9th?

The Wheel, Le Cercle des 7: What is this game that TF1 will release on June 9th?

We went to TF1 yesterday to attend the presentation of his new game”The Wheel, Le Cercle des 7‘ which will air on June 9th.

A new prime time event game hosted by Arthur. His name is “The Wheel, Le Cercle des 7‘ and it begins June 9 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. The press had an appointment yesterday at the group’s headquarters to attend the presentation of the program and discover the first images of a game that was announced as visually exceptional and that is actually in its design. “When I read the rules, I also had a hard time understanding them“, explains Arthur, “But it all makes sense when you watch the game“.

The wheel is a hit in England – in a shorter format of 58 minutes – and is being adapted or about to be adapted in 8 countries including France. France is also the first country that managed to involve the public in the game: “Because many of our experts are comedians, they need to hear the public’s feedback on the jokes or it won’t work. For this reason I have asked for the presence of the public“Explains the presenter who takes over the helm of a show for the first time that he doesn’t produce himself (he helped with the artistic production of the show). Furthermore, the choice of Arthur as presenter for the channel as a production was not the subject of debate: for the show it was ‘natural’! Arthur goes as far as saying that after taking over the Grand Concours, he found a love for the game’s animation again.

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Photo credit: Alexandre Letren

What are the rules?

A wheel with a diameter of 12 meters around which 7 personalities (comedians, actors, authors…) each with a specialty (Brad Pitt film fan, bee specialist…) act. Before them, a candidate must answer questions of general culture on one of the subjects of the “specialists”… except that it is the wheel that determines by lot which personality will help him (and this is not the case) . necessarily the one who is most familiar with the subject). If he answers correctly, he continues. Otherwise, he returns “under the blackboard” with the other two challengers, to be subjected to a draw again to determine the next candidate to answer the questions.

The show is still being worked on, the network was only able to show us a selection of key moments from the three shows already boxed.
First observation adopted by Arthur: among the specialists we find regulars of the presenter’s programs, especially comedians (Elie Semoun, of course), but also new and more surprising personalities such as Gérard Jugnot or Bernard Werber. “Of course, when we approached the personalities, some wanted to see the game, but we didn’t have any rejection“, we even state. This mix of genres contributes a lot to the atmosphere that prevails on screen: because apart from the fact that it is a game, we laugh a lot. The meeting of often different personalities has a lot to do with this alchemy.

Another strength: Arthur picks up on an animation that had its trademark take it or leave it, close to the candidates, but also open and cheerful. “I even pulled out the polo shirts I wore on the show with a wink,” he explains mischievously. And it’s true that he has that sense of grandstanding and complicity with anyone who puts his stamp on him. Nevertheless, the animation of the show is a challenge for him, who has to take care of the 7 guests The wheelthe contestants, but also the spinning wheel… Even if he’s the only one not on a rotating surface, everything revolves around him and the presence of screens exacerbates this difficulty.

“The anonymous is the star and I am at his service”


The result is really fun and it’s really great family entertainment that takes a lot big competitiona little of take it or leave it, all in a very impressive setting and mechanics. One just has to be careful to refresh the “specialists” well so as not to feel like they’re just another variation on the usual members of Arthur’s shows.

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