The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: The new series was really filmed in France?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: The new series was really filmed in France?

The new series about Daryl Dixon, the iconic character of the original series The Walking Dead, is set on the streets of the capital. A terrible shooting that surprised more than one!

The biker with the heart of gold won over all fans of the original series when it first aired in 2010. Played by the actor Norman Reedus, Daryl is one of the public’s most respected and loved characters due to his rebellious and combative spirit and devotion to his loved ones.

Still armed with his favorite crossbow, the hunting and tracking expert strolled the streets of our beautiful capital city, transformed into a post-apocalyptic setting to film this new spin-off that is among the most anticipated of the year!

You might have seen hordes of zombies, abandoned storefronts and wrecked cars as you strolled down a few back streets in the City of Light in February. Entire Parisian streets have been confiscated to film some scenes for the upcoming series.

Parisian zombies off-camera are very polite and friendly, and that’s exactly what a resident of the capital might experience. In a video she was shown the way out of the location by zombies tick tock which reached eight million views on the social network. The short, humorous video was even reposted by the concerned principal: Norman Reedusto his account Instagram officially.

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Among the performers of this spin-off we find French actors like the interpreters of Fleur Delacour In Harry Potter, Clemence poetry. But also a large number of talented actors from France, such as Anne Charrier, Eriq Ebouaney, Laika Blanc-Francard, and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi etc Romaine Levi.

In this Made un France production, the plot focuses on the icon’s past and future Daryl Dixonwhat failed on the French side without knowing why or how…

Following the announcement of two more spin-offs from The Walking Dead, that from Darylhas no official release date yet. Fans of the mythical zombie series will therefore have to arm themselves with a little more patience to see this long-awaited spin-off, as it is scheduled for release on the channel in June in the United States. AMC, maybe even in the fall. As for distribution in France, no one has decided on a planned release date at this time.

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