The Voice: Who are our 5 favorite coaches?

The Voice: Who are our 5 favorite coaches?

As the Cross Battles approach, we saw a ranking of our favorite trainers from The Voice. And you, which one do you prefer?

Le 20 ami on TF1 the Super Cross Battles will be fought by The Voice. On this occasion, Mika makes his big comeback on the show. This is the perfect time to revisit our 5 favorite trainers from the show.

5/ Garu

Present throughout the show’s early seasons, Garou is the embodiment of “La Voix” and the vocal signature sought after by many artists. He’s also a fun, friendly, and enthusiastic talent judge. We would be very happy if he comes back.

4/ Marc Lavoine

He is in the show as in life: a truly generous artist. It’s true that sometimes he had surprising reactions to say the least, but we felt that the talents were really good with him and that they still had something to learn. He is the authentic trainer par excellence!

3/ Micah

Talent and madness are the twin breasts of a good The Voice judge. Mika has them and he also turns out to be an impressive coach who has flair and knows how to spot exceptional talent and take it far. He is the one who allowed Kendji to win the trophy.

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2/ Zazie

Gaining strength with the seasons, she never ceases to amaze us with her bold choices that perfectly reflect the complete and complex personality of an artist. She is also the one that talents like to choose because her complete background makes her a definite value.

1/ Florent Pagny

The voice is him! He is the boss who is able to sense the potential of a talent and make him win the competition. He is also a truly generous soul who enjoys his encounters. He’s missing from the show and we hope he can go back there one day. Slimane or Anne Sila owe him the start of their careers!