The Truth About Lie Detector Princess Candrawati, Can You Spot The Lie?

The Truth About Lie Detector Princess Candrawati, Can You Spot The Lie?

Polygraph test results or lies Princess Candrawathi, The suspect in the murder of Brigadier J and witness Susi, Inspector General of ART Ferdy Sambo, got the same result.

Can this tool really reveal someone’s lie? Check the facts.

The head of the Public Relations Department of the National Police, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, said that the results of Putri’s and Susi’s tests were the same. However, he refused to reveal the results in detail.

“Pro Justitia is for the purposes of investigators, meaning only for investigators. If the investigator wants to present it in a trial as evidence or expert testimony,” said Dedi when confirmed on Thursday (8 /9).

Surely you think that a lie detector is a tool like the one shown in a series or movie with a crime or observation. But there are interesting facts about lie detectors that you need to know.

1. Search and analyze mathematical responses

Lawrence Farwell, chief scientist at Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc., talks about lie detection or lie detection in a chapter in the book ‘Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences’.

Princess Candrawati’s lie detector is based on the theory that lies cause a specific emotional or physical response that can be measured.

2. Lie detector is a powerful term

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) says the term lie detector attached to the polygraph test is incorrect. A ‘lie detector’ is not as simple as wearing a machine and detecting a lie.

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A polygraph test will examine physiological responses to a series of structured but inconsistent questions. The polygraph test will consist of a physiological recorder that evaluates independent signs of stress, namely heart rate/blood pressure, breathing and skin reactions.

Officers will conduct interviews with certain questioning techniques. However, there will usually be a simulation test to make sure the subject understands the question.

3. Not 100 percent correct

One thing that many people are asking is, is the result of Putri Candrawati’s lie detection correct? The American Polygraph Association, whose members are mostly polygraph examiners, estimates the accuracy of the polygraph to be about 87 percent.

This means, about 87 percent of the cases that passed the polygraph test were able to give an accurate result of whether someone was lying or telling the truth.

However, Texas Woman’s University psychology professor Christian L. Hart cautioned that there is still a 13 percent chance of failure. There are many cases where polygraph test results are inconclusive. In 1994, the FBI arrested Aldrich Ames, a 31-year-old CIA operative.

He looks like a Russian spy. He passed the CIA lie detector test twice.

“When asked how he passed the polygraph test, Ames said he followed the advice of his Russian handlers. They said, ‘Don’t worry, you don’t have to be afraid.’

Russia knows that the polygraph is flawed. They know that it is only fair if the test taker is worried. If Ames rests, she will pass,” Hart wrote in Psychology Today.


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