The ‘The Glory’ actress went viral for her incredible transformation in her latest photoshoot

The ‘The Glory’ actress went viral for her incredible transformation in her latest photoshoot

Fame actress Kim Hiera goes viral for her latest photoshoot, in which the actress revealed her recent transformation.

Kim Hiera | @hiiii_o.o_ps/Instagram

On February 21, the magazine Seduce Korea revealed a photoshoot with the actress best known for playing the role of Lee Sara Fame,

The caption for the photo shoot reads “HERE I AM” and shows the actress with significantly shorter hair. Kim Hieora’s expressiveness is on full display and her signature look brings seriousness to the shoot.

During the interview portion, the actress also revealed how she was cast.

I didn’t know (the role) during the audition and I did my best. The second time they called me I was able to show the drawings (from the casting directors) that I drew as a hobby and I left. That day I received a package containing the script for the drama. I was so happy. i cry a lot

– Kim Hiora

The actress also revealed that supporting the director of the drama, Ah gil hoand sought-after author Kim Eun-sook it had helped her gain the confidence to succeed in the role.

After I was cast, the writer (Kim Eun Sook) told me that I have Sara’s eyes, which she imagined (when writing the screenplay). The director also told me, “Just be yourself. Just do whatever you want,” and he gave me the role, which answered a lot of my questions. Thanks to them, I was able to become Sara effortlessly and with joy. I think I’m a lucky actor.

– Kim Hiora

Finally, Kim Hieora ended the interview by saying which genres she would like to be in next.

I would like to try (play) a periodic drama and I would like to try (play) a very Korean role. I want to enjoy a little more just the way I am. I want to try different (roles) given to me because I’m a supporting actor. I have long wanted to greet the public with great projects.

– Kim Hiora

Kim Hieora is undoubtedly one of Korea’s most dynamic actors. Before FameThe actor had also gone viral thanks to his performance Lawyer Extraordinary Woo.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress Kim Hieora went viral overnight for her amazing performance

The actress will return to the public through the second season of in March Fame. You can watch the trailer for the season at the link below.

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