The Story of Pierre Tendean, Revolutionary Hero of the G30S PKI

The Story of Pierre Tendean, Revolutionary Hero of the G30S PKI

Story Pierre Tendean always in the spot in the middle of warning The price of the G30S. His figure is known as one of the youngest revolutionaries who died in the rebellion of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) on September 30, 1965.

Pierre Andries Tendean or better known as Pierre Tendean was born in Jakarta on February 21, 1939. He is the second child of three children.

His father is a Minahasa doctor named Dr. Aurelius Lammert Tendean, and his mother is an English-French woman, Maria Elizabeth Cornet.

Since childhood, Pierre Tendean dreamed of becoming a military officer. But his parents’ dream was rejected, because they wanted Tandean to follow in his father’s footsteps, that is to become a doctor.

He eventually got into the National Military Academy and studied engineering.

1962 was the year Pierre Tendean completed his studies with satisfactory grades, and that was the year his military service began.

After graduation, Lieutenant Pierre Tendean was assigned as a Platoon Commander in the 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion of Kodam II Bukit Barisan, Medan.

A year later, in 1963, Lieutenant Pierre Tendean was able to join the Intelligence School in Bogor and carried out his intelligence work in different areas.

On April 15, 1965 Tendean was appointed as an adviser to General AH Nasution. It should be noted that the position of assistant was obtained as a result of the efforts of his mother, who at that time was concerned about the child’s health.

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It was revealed in Masykuri’s book that Pierre Tendean’s mother was a friend of General AH Nasution’s father-in-law, who was then the Minister of Defense and Security, KASAB.

To the General, the mother presented a request to withdraw her son from the battlefield and the request was accepted so that Tendean became the deputy of General AH Nasution to replace Captain Manullang, who died in his military service. Congo.

Youngest Revolutionary Hero

Pierre Tendean died in the PKI incident of G30S at a very young age, he was 26 years old. In this incident he was kidnapped and killed in Lubang Buaya because he was mistaken for General AH Nasution, who was one of the the hostages.

Various sources record that at that time Tendean was in the pavilion of General AH Nasution’s house to rest. But suddenly he woke up when he heard gunshots and saw a group of G30S soldiers coming to the house.

The G30S soldiers who thought that Tendean was General AH Nasution immediately took him to a house in Lubang Buaya area along with six other officers. This is where he was shot to death and his body was thrown into an old well.

In recognition of his actions and sacrifices, Tendean was awarded the title of Hero of the Indonesian Revolution on October 5, 1965 according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 111/KOTI/Year 1965 along with six other officers.

Not only this, Tendean was also appointed as a Captain and his name is reflected in the names of many streets such as in Manado, Balikpapan, and South Jakarta.

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The Love Story of Captain Pierre Tendean

Apart from his military service, his love story with a girl has not been forgotten. Pierre Tendean’s meeting with a lover named Rukmini started when he got a job in Medan.

At that time, he and his friends will meet Mr. Chamim at his house, and there he will also meet Rukmini.

Rukmini’s polite and courteous nature made Tendean fall in love with her. Since the meeting, Tendean and Rukmini have been close to where they are planning to continue in the important role.

At first, their families were against their relationship, due to religious reasons. Rukmini is a girl who comes from a religious Muslim family, while Tendean is a Christian.

However, by seeing how important Tendean is to Rukmini, his parents approve of their relationship.

On July 31, 1965 Tendean had the opportunity to meet Rukmini’s parents in Medan, at this meeting they agreed to get married in November 1965.

But fate said otherwise, their love story had to fail because Pierre Tendean died in the 30th September Movement which was carried out by the PKI.

This is the story of Pierre Tendean, the young hero of the revolution.


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