The story of Ifnur Hikmah proved his consistency as a freelance writer who now has hundreds of readers for each title.

The story of Ifnur Hikmah proved his consistency as a freelance writer who now has hundreds of readers for each title.

After that, Iif continued to work regularly and publish his various writings, both in the form of short stories and fiction, until he was able to publish five books under the name RevelRebel. Iif’s consistency is the key to success in building and maintaining his existence as a writer, because that way more people will know him and love his work.

With increasing productivity—after publishing books himself—Iif began to feel stressed because he had to take care of so many things by himself.

So after publishing a book called “Kada a Kissed” where Iif included many freelancers, finally Iif and a friend of his founded a non-profit publishing group that includes editors and proofreaders. those who have completed books, legal and ISBN so that they can publish books in the future. Officially, the layout and cover of the book is done by a third party, to print the book at a printing fee.

For promotion, Iif can use marketing ideas so that even if his books are self-published, they have the same quality as traditional publications.

After nine years of developing his career through various self-publishing platforms, in 2021, Iif is eager to join KaryaKarsa which not only provides a space to work legally and interact with the public, it even exists as the home of informants who support general empowerment. . At KaryaKarsa Iif has found a way for creators to really develop both from a business perspective and themselves, so that their work can be properly appreciated.

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“KaryaKarsa allows creators to be independent. As a platform provider, KaryaKarsa provides a place in terms of technical support and support, but the creative part is in the hands of each creator. Here, the creator must also do work as an entrepreneur. The product for sale is the work produced. Here, the creators are 100% free to show appreciation for their work. We are the ones who know the effort spent, so we can evaluate what that is appropriate for the cost of labor. So, we are not only working here, we have to be able to understand the market situation very well.” Said Iif.

This innovation to keep growing at KaryaKarsa is one of the reasons Iif is the first author at KaryaKarsa with the highest sales and traffic.

In addition, the interest of Iif’s fans even exceeds the server’s ability to access the limits, so they must always increase the capacity of the platform because at that time there are hundreds of users at the same time (the number of users who log in in one second) KaryaKarsa who joins the new chapter of the IIF project titled “Don’t Kiss”.