the stepfather involved in an unsolved case as a police investigator – Kpopnews

the stepfather involved in an unsolved case as a police investigator – Kpopnews

The entire family of four has a dark past that few know about as they were protected by their former stepdaughter, Abby Choi.

On February 24, Abby Choi, a 28-year-old Hong Kong, China-based former model and wife of Chris Tam, owner of multi-billion dollar restaurant chain Tamjai Hunnan Mixian, was brutally murdered.

The news shocked Hong Kong and even the world as the extremely cunning and cruel conspiracy originated from a group of perpetrators who were his former in-laws.

The suspects, including her former father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and ex-husband were arrested. But few people know the dark history of this cruel family. According to online comments, this family is like a real-life version of “Parasite” in Hong Kong.

Abby Choi’s ex-husband, nicknamed Kwang, was involved in a gold investment scam in February 2015 that scammed four people out of HK$5 million in gold. The victims had withdrawn all their life savings and borrowed money to buy the gold from Kwang, who fled after receiving the gold. The incident had already been reported in the media.

Abby Choi

Although the ex-husband’s older brother, 31, has no criminal record, he faced crippling debt in 2019 and was sued by the bank. The ex-mother-in-law (63), who retired, filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

Of particular note is Abby Choi’s ex-stepfather, 65, who was a police officer and has received a commendation for years of service from Hong Kong Police. In 2001, he was promoted to chief of police, and in 2005 he was appointed chief of the Investigation Department of the Wong Tai Sin Police District.

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However, during this time the ex-stepfather displayed questionable integrity and was later implicated in a rape case during a criminal investigation. The victim reported the crime, and he was arrested for investigation before voluntarily resigning. The case ended there.

Abby Choi
Police arrest Abby Choi’s ex-husband at Tung Chung Ferry Terminal.

It is believed that Abby Choi’s former stepfather, with his police experience, was the mastermind behind this horrific crime. He knew the methods of police investigations that allowed him to stage the crime and deceive investigators.

At the same time, he made many unclear statements and misled the police with vague and false statements. However, all his efforts failed to deceive the police.

As a former police officer, Abby Choi’s stepfather also knew very well that Hong Kong does not have the death penalty. Therefore, the maximum penalty they can receive, regardless of the seriousness of the crimes committed, is life imprisonment.

Abby Choi
The house where Abby Choi was murdered in Lung Mei, Hong Kong.

Citing testimonies from neighbors of Lung Mei, Hong Kong media reported that the owner of the house had moved a long time ago and this house had changed tenants several times.

For example, a few weeks before the suspect’s family moved in, a man in his 60s would often come to the house in a 7-seater car. This man looked unfriendly and always checked the area before entering the house.

The man was accompanied by a woman in her 60s with curly hair. The two are suspected of being the parents of Abby Choi’s ex-husband. Neighbors last saw her on February 23, the day before she was officially arrested by police.

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All 4 members of this family have unsavory backgrounds but it was Abby Choi who tried to cover them up.

Abby Choi

Abby Choi married her ex-husband when she was 18. The two have 2 children (a son and a daughter) but later divorced as they felt they no longer understood each other. However, Abby Choi has always financially supported her children and her ex-husband’s family. She even bought them an expensive apartment on Kadoorie Hill, where famous actor Andy Lau lives.

The main cause of this tragedy is said to be a money dispute between Abby Choi and her ex-husband’s family. Abby Choi planned to sell the apartment to invest, but her ex-husband’s family feared that she had run out of housing and thus did not allow her to sell it. Abby Choi’s ex-stepfather even threatened: “If you sell the apartment without fixing things for us, I’ll kill you.” This was revealed by her best friend with the account name “Biaotai”.

Because her ex-husband was unemployed, the former model also hired him as a private driver and covered all his expenses. She treated him with respect but ended on a heartbreaking ending.

Source: Sina