THE SSERAFIM Yunjin “I joined the group as soon as I paid the school fees…I couldn’t get my money back” • Kpopnews

THE SSERAFIM Yunjin “I joined the group as soon as I paid the school fees…I couldn’t get my money back” • Kpopnews

THE SSERAFIM came to the brother school.

During the JTBC show “Connaître les frères” on April 29, LE SÉRAFIM made a guest appearance.

When THE SSERAFIM Sakura appeared, she caught the eye as Kang Ho Dong’s “idol girlfriend”. Kang Ho Dong showed their friendship, “Sakura is my idol friend.Upon hearing this, Lee Jin Ho said, “Sakura belongs to the Yoo lineage. When were you transferred to the Yoo Jae Suk lineage? and showed a video evidence. At the time, Sakura said in a video letter to Yoo Jae Suk: “I’m ready for the transfer.”

The members of LE SSERAFIM promoted their new album “Unforgiven”. Before unveiling the new song, the members played a mix of hit songs.

Kang Ho Dong said, “Your facial expressions are different when you’re on stage and when you’re speaking. Do you practice facial expressions separately? replied Chaewon “I practice in front of the mirror before bed.” Kim Hee Chul added, “Hyung (Kang Ho Dong), isn’t it different when you appear in entertainment shows and in wrestling matches? » The questions about Sakura continued. sakura said “I debuted as an idol in Japan in 2011. SSERAFIM is my third debut and it’s been 12 years since I became an idol.”

Introducing Kang Ho Dong, “Sakura participated in Japan’s representative year-end music festival ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ three times as different groups. Sakura boasted “It’s hard to perform in Kohaku Uta Gassen, but THE SSERAFIM performed there before our debut in Japan.” When asked about appearing on Kang Ho Dong’s Just Come Out show and Kohaku Uta Gassen, Sakura elicited laughter by honestly replying, “‘Just Come Out’ is slightly lower.


Yunjin shared the story of losing tuition before her debut. Yunjin said “I did the SAT in the US and paid the tuition. However, the day after I paid the joining fee, the company contacted me saying “We want you to join THE SSERAFIM”. I couldn’t get my tuition back. She then surprised everyone on stage by singing “Think of Me” from The Phantom Of The Opera, revealing, “I learned music and vocal music while studying in the United States.”

Chef Chaewon boasted about being popular in high school. chaewon said “Sometimes there were posts on the anonymous Gaepo High School bulletin board asking if I had a boyfriend. Students came to my class to see my face.

Kazuha, who danced ballet for 15 years before joining a girls’ troupe, changed her shoes and showed off her ballet moves. Kazuha showed off her flexible body starting with stretches. Kazuha remembered the trainee days, “When I did ballet, I put strength in my core and shrugged my shoulders straight. So when I first learned kpop dance, I was told I was like a tree.

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