THE SSERAFIM surprises the FEARNOTs with a brand new lightstick – Kpopnews

THE SSERAFIM surprises the FEARNOTs with a brand new lightstick – Kpopnews

THE SSERAFIM has finally unveiled its official lightstick, taking the FEARNOT fandom by surprise.

Read on to see what her glowstick looks like!

(Photo: Pantip)

THE SSERAFIM announces official lightstick and releases special teaser

On March 2nd, 2023, LE SSERAFIM will unveil their new glowstick and knock fans out of their seats!

THE SSERAFIM surprises the FEARNOTs with a brand new glowstick

(Photo: Pantip)

LE SSERAFIM uploaded a video teaser to YouTube with their official bang. In the trailer, fans were shown an EDM-powered video showing a sphere traveling through space. The sphere then reveals its true nature and takes the form of LE SSERAFIM’s official lightstick.

In the video, the glowstick can also be seen with FEARNOT’s name on its handle. Any K-pop fan knows the value of glowsticks because they represent a particular group’s fandom. It’s also one of the most iconic merchandise a fan could ever dream of.

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(Photo: LE SSERAFIM Twitter)

With the FEARNOT fandom name on the merchandise, fans are sure to be touched when the glowstick arrives.

The FEARNOTs also praised the creativity of the lightstick. They pointed out a specific feature where the stick would highlight the fandom name when it’s off and offer a glow-in-the-dark attribute.

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(Photo: LE SSERAFIM Twitter)

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Others praised LE SSERAFIM’s unconditional love for their fans, creating another special moment with them.

Meanwhile, others commented on how the glow stick fits with the classic and chic concept of LE SSERAFIM. They also showed how the glowstick’s appearance represents each LE SSERAFIM member.

See her comments below:

“This is the first time I’ve seen a teaser for a glowstick. All HYBE glow sticks look pretty these days.”

“I just saw our FIM video and it makes me so excited.”

“I’m curious to see how it looks in real life.”

“It’s really awesome. When the lights are turned off during the concert, only the logo and ‘FEARNOT’ are visible in the dark as the glow stick is all black.”

“It also fits the chic and classy LE SSERAFIM brand! I will definitely buy it!”

Check out the full trailer for her glowstick here!


LE SSERAFIM becomes “FEARLESS” during the first day sale of his first album.

In other news, LE SSERAFIM’s “SANS PEUR” achieves breakthrough album sales. On May 2nd, it was announced that “FEARLESS sold a total of 176,861 albums on day one. It also became the highest new first-day sales record for a K-pop girl group debut.


(Photo: Twitter: @le_sserafim)

They also surpassed Kep1er’s record with their debut album, FIRST IMPACT, which sold 150,153 copies. The album was released on January 3, 2023.

They also surpassed aespa (“Savage”) and Kep1er (“FIRST IMPACT”) to become the third K-pop girl group to surpass 100,000 sales on day one.

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Are you excited for the new LE SSERAFIM glowstick? Let us know in the comments below!

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