The “Single’s Inferno 2” couple already have their wedding in mind

The “Single’s Inferno 2” couple already have their wedding in mind

Many people join reality shows to find true love. However, very few find the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. A few though Netflixthe hit korean dating show bachelor hell 2 could have.

So far, the three pairs of the bachelor hell 2 The couple is still in a relationship, after all.

| Netflix

Kim se jr Oui Lee SoE recently made their relationship official on Instagram. Even her friends showed their support for the couple.

Even the most incredible couple of this season, choi boy woo Oui Shin Seul Ki went public with their relationship and shared posts on Instagram with each other.

Fans suspected that too jo yong jae Oui What a bird According to social media activity, they were still together. However, they weren’t that obvious.

Same Instagram Stories by Seo Eun and Yoong Jae |

Instead of posting photos together, they dropped hints such as: B. Posting similar content. The two even used blue heart emojis in the posts, a clear nod to the fact that blue is her favorite color and the fact that they bonded when they paired blue clothes.

Though they’re not as overt as others about their relationship on social media, the two have been spotted together since the finale aired.

It is therefore clear that their relationship is legitimate. According to a popular forum post, Yoong Jae and Seo Eun have been dating for five months.

Collection of couples who meet in real life after filming for dating shows has wrapped.

Jo Yoong Jae x Choi Seo Eun (estimated relationship for 5 months~)

— translation of publications

While it’s technically a guess, Seo Eun seems to have confirmed the rumor as fact. A netizen shared a screenshot of the article on Instagram and after tagging the couple saw that Seo Eun really liked the post.

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| @Quepaimow/Reddit

However, this couple may not only be together. In fact, they might have marriage in mind.

Seo Eun (left) and Yoong Jae (right) | Netflix

Yoong Jae was recently interviewed by the Brazilian site NOT! IN THE WINGS. All of your answers to the interviewer’s questions show that you sincerely want to get married.

He stated that he had joined bachelor hell 2 because he was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. Yoong Jae also reported that he managed to find this one!

| NOT! BEHIND THE SCENES via @hyunjinkdh/Twitter

Yoong Jae also mentioned Seo Eun by name in the interview. He said his heart was only for her.

| NOT! BEHIND THE SCENES via @hyunjinkdh/Twitter

She also encouraged fans to not only follow her Instagram account, but also Seo Eun’s…

| NOT! BEHIND THE SCENES via @hyunjinkdh/Twitter

Wedding bells are definitely ringing for this couple after Yoong Jae’s interview!

Everyone thought that they already looked like a married couple in their scenes bachelor hell 2. Additionally, Seo Eun herself reposted a fan post from a moment after their last date in heaven, which the panelists described as her. “A married couple.”

Seo Eun uploaded a post of her and Yoong Jae to her Instagram Story with the quote “They look like a married couple talking about the future” | @KATSUUU131/Twitter

A new scene out bachelor hell 2 It was also revealed that the couple had even started talking about babies! Learn more below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” couple Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun ask important questions in a rare scene