The Secret of Syahrini for Young People: Stop Harassment

The Secret of Syahrini for Young People: Stop Harassment

For a long time there was no appearance on the screen, Syahrini keep looking’something.’ He is still young even though he is only four years old.

As a musician, Syahrini admits that he is very busy. But that didn’t stop her from taking care of her skin to look good.

What is Syahrini’s beauty secret?

When caught up at a fashion launch event, entrepreneur wife Reino Barack shared a variety of beauty tips to keep her skin healthy in the midst of her daily life.

It’s not just about using products skin care or better, for Syahrini, the skin will be better preserved by changing a healthy lifestyle. So, what habits does Syahrini do to be beautiful and young?

1. Think positive

According to Syahrini, the mind is one aspect that greatly affects the health of the skin. He shared that after turning off the comment feature on his Instagram page, his life has become more peaceful because he doesn’t think about negative comments.

“I don’t want toxic people to comment on anything. That way, my life is safer, it’s easier to live,” said Syahrini when met in Sarinah area, Central Jakarta, Thursday ( 1/9).

For him, bad thoughts will not only damage the health of the skin, but also damage the mind and body.

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2. Take care of yourself

One of Syahrini’s health concerns also includes self-care. As a public figure, first things are important to him.

Eating a healthy diet every day is one way to maintain healthy skin. In addition, Syahrini also takes care of herself by using daily cosmetics.

“No matter how tired I am, I will definitely take time to take care of myself and my skin,” said Syahrini.

“If the face is healthy, without heavy make-up, it’s good to see. If the skin is clean and glowing, we automatically feel confident when we meet people,” he said.

3. Get enough sleep

In Syahrini’s schedule, he travels from city to city for shocks, always finding time to sleep.

“I try to sleep in the plane or in the car. I probably sleep in any way,” said Syahrini, who is nicknamed ‘Inces’.

4. Love yourself and understand your needs

Syahrini said that it is important to know each other’s needs in order to take care of the skin. In addition, to take care of the health of the facial skin, it is important to be yourself and love yourself.

“Be yourself as much as you can. This is the best for us. If we love ourselves, other people will love us naturally,” he said.

5. Focus on yourself

There are still too many people out there who think too much about what others say to worry about themselves. According to Syahrini, if we focus on ourselves, the skin will be healthier and brighter.


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