The risk of inhaling Hydrogen by mothers can harm the lungs

The risk of inhaling Hydrogen by mothers can harm the lungs

Viral video of many women who are busy suffocating hydrogen which is said to be able to cure 170 diseases, has raised many questions, including the question of his health. There is a risk of inhaling hydrogen.

A pulmonologist from Budhi Antariksa Friendship Hospital said that inhaling hydrogen is actually a form of medicine. But this does not mean that it can be done arbitrarily and carelessly.

If care is taken, instead of the health benefits, there may be dangerous side effects as a result of this medicine. Budhi’s most dangerous side effect is lung damage.

However, pulmonologist Erlang Samoedro also agrees. Until now, it has not been determined what the real benefits of this medicine are for humans. In fact, he said, there is no medical recommendation for someone to take oxygen therapy to cure certain diseases.

“The most serious side effect is lung damage from hydrogen inhalation,” he said.

This lung injury, says Budhi, means various health problems such as pneumonia, hemothorax, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, and other lung problems.

But does inhaling hydrogen have any benefits? In a study published in NCBI under the title “Recent Advances in Hydrogen Therapy: Prospects of Biochemistry for preventive and therapeutic applications” mention, hydrogen gas can be suitable to fight severe oxidative stress.

Stress and anxiety itself are known as one of the main causes of various diseases.

“There is no scientific research that shows that it can cure. This is also a medicine, so if you want to try it, it is also recommended not to overdo it. Try it or not, it is good,” said hear Erlang about risk. inhaling hydrogen, as the mothers in the media have done.

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