The reason why there are no rooms on the 13th floor of the hotel

The reason why there are no rooms on the 13th floor of the hotel

Time to stay a hotelyou will never see the 13th floor. The same with room number 13, which you will not find in the hotel.

If you don’t understand, try it only when you pay attention when you will stay at the hotel. Number 13 you won’t find it, and it happens in many hotels around the world.

Many hotels do not even have a 13th floor. And because of this, there is a button number 14 directly after the 12th floor in the elevator. You may not know the reason behind this mystery.

As reported Travel and LeisureIn Western countries, the number 13 is considered an unlucky number. There is a kind of fear among people about the number 13. There is also a type of phobia of the number 13 called Triskaidekaphobia.

That is why there is no room with number 13 or floor 13 in hotel, especially in the West. Then, right after the 12th floor, jump to the 14th floor and so on, there is no 13th floor.

Because most hotels are built according to international standards, considering foreign tourists are foreigners, so like the West, room number 13 is not even built in a hotel. – hotels in Asian countries.

Number 13 (Pixabay/422737)Example No. 13. (Photo: pixabay/422737)

The same thing happened with the 13th floor, which was accidentally missed. The hotel does not leave the 13th floor, but names the floors differently.

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The hotel policy does not contain the actual number 13 to avoid guests suffering from Triskaidekaphobia. Because, people who have this phobia can have severe anxiety. In addition, many are not comfortable living on the 13th floor and in room number 13.

In addition to phobias, the number 13 is also associated with superstitions. According to common knowledge, the fear of the number 13 comes from one of the written texts of the Code of Hammurabi. number.


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