The reason why PT KAI has not started operating the plane yet

The reason why PT KAI has not started operating the plane yet

PT Car Api Indonesia (KAI) in mid-August presented panoramic car for the public. However, the plane has not started working yet.

According to KAI’s VP of public relations, Joni Martinus, he admits that the train is undergoing a lot of testing. In addition, PT KAI also made many modifications and changes in the ship.

“We are still in the process of renovating and giving details, for example, there are complete changes to the seats, etc.,” Joni told

PT KAI has not yet determined the ticket price. According to Joni, the price of train tickets is still being discussed. “If everything is ready, we will definitely let you know,” he added.

A panoramic train is a type of train that is equipped with a sunroof or glass in the cabin of the train. The size of the plane’s window glass is also larger in this type of plane.

This is for passengers car he can enjoy the outdoors with more satisfaction and freedom, so that the journey is more enjoyable.

Panoramic trains are required to undergo a test after being modified, before they can operate in Indonesia. The test was conducted by the Railway Equipment Testing Group from the Railway Testing Institute.

The regulation regarding the modified aircraft is set out and will be implemented in the Decree of the Minister of Transport PM No. 15 of 2011. The test aims to ensure that the train is not only functional, but also safe and comfortable for passengers.

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