The Reason Why Hotel Bathrooms Are Always Close To The Entrance

The Reason Why Hotel Bathrooms Are Always Close To The Entrance

For those of you who stay a lot hotelHave you ever realized that the bathroom is always next to the bedroom door?

If you enter hotel rooms, not far from the door will be the bathroom door. This is different than in residential homes, where the bathroom is usually located at the back.

Check the measurements, the location of the bathroom next to the hotel room door has its own technical reasons. Here are some reasons for placing a bathroom near the door of the hotel room, as summarized from different places.

How the Hotel Room Works Best

The place where the bathroom is in front of or near the hotel room door for the room can work well. By placing it next to the door, the view obtained from the window is better, with the light of the room being evenly distributed.

In addition, a layout like this also makes the hotel bathroom look bigger. Aesthetic considerations are the reason.

Hotel Rooms Stay Safe

Woman's hand opening hotel room, selective focusExample of a hotel room. (Photo: Istockphoto/DragonImages)

The bathroom near the entrance is useful to make it easier for you to wash your hands, feet and face, before going to bed.

This arrangement aims to keep hotel rooms clean, as guests can easily access the bathroom to clean up after leaving the room. hotel.

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Bed Far From Water

The bathroom is a wet place, so it should be away from the bed. The goal is for guests to be comfortable while sleeping, not worried about the presence of cracks or water leaks from the bathroom.

It’s Safer If There’s Chaos

Place the toilet next to the door of the hotel room and so if there is a problem or damage to the water line, the repair does not interfere with the bed or the room.

Electrical and plumbing systems are also safer and more efficient if the bathroom is further away from the bed.


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