The reason fans who watched IU’s “Christmas vlog” were disappointed: “She was on a date with Lee Jong Suk in Japan.”

The reason fans who watched IU’s “Christmas vlog” were disappointed: “She was on a date with Lee Jong Suk in Japan.”

After IU went public with her romance with Lee Jong Suk, a longtime fan expressed her disappointment with the singer.

On February 18, an article appeared entitled “IU tricked its fans‘ was posted in an online community.

On December 31, 2022, IU confirmed that she is dating actor Lee Jong Suk.

She posted a letter to her official marching band on Jan. 1 saying so “He’s the person who has supported me for a long time and always says to me, ‘You’re cool.’ He is a reliable and nice person who really encourages me,” shows his affection for Lee Jong Suk.

Meanwhile, netizen A, who claims to be a longtime IU fan, posted “IU tricked us”.

IU Lee Jong Suk vignette

Say, “Last Christmas she uploaded a video of her playing Lego with her brother and claims he was alone that day.”

you carry on “But she actually went to Japan with her boyfriend Lee Jong Suk for Christmas, right? She pretended in front of her fans that she was a lonely singer without a lover.add to “She lied to us.”

On December 25 last year, IU released a video titled “(IU TV) Christmas Vlog Despair Version Teaser” on their Youtube channel.


In the video, IU is shown assembling Lego sets with her younger brother, Lee Jong-hoon. In the video, IU revealed that this was the reason for the shooting “Fans wanted to see a vlog where I’m cute and adorable alone.”

The shooting date for the video posted by IU has yet to be announced. From the fans’ point of view, however, there was enough room for misunderstandings. The upload date of the video was Christmas Day and the title of the video was “Christmas Vlog”. Also, the props seen in the video were Christmas themed.


Also, A claimed that IU took a trip to Nagoya, Japan with her boyfriend Lee Jong-suk over Christmas.

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In relation to this, Dispatch reported on December 31 last year that Lee Jong-suk and IU were together at a luxury resort in Nagoya, Japan for Christmas.

lee jong suk iu dating

After hearing the story of A who was disappointed with IU, netizens’ reactions were divided.

Some netizens expressed their disappointment and said “It’s pretty disappointing. The situation just begs to be misunderstood.” and “As a fan, I would be disappointed.

On the other hand, some netizens advised against delving too deeply, saying: “Celebrities are people too. Fans need to respect their own boundaries” and “People like that become malicious fans. If you’re a fan, be glad IU met a good person.”

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