The process of self-discovery through cells on 6play

The process of self-discovery through cells on 6play

“Yumi’s Cells”, the kdrama available for free on play 6 attracts attention by expressing in an interesting way the process that takes place in a brain!

“Yumi’s Cells” is based on a webtoon by Naver that has 3.2 billion cumulative views. The story is divided into two parts: a love story that takes place in reality and what goes on in Yumi’s head.

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The story begins with the main character Yumi’s heart reacting to the sudden romance. “Yumi’s Cells” is a seasonal production. Season 1 is about the meeting and breakup of the main character Yumi (Kim Go-eun) and her first boyfriend Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun). Reactions based on mental perceptions are compared to what is happening in reality.

The Kdrama Yumi's Cells - The process of self-discovery through cellsTV

The main element of the drama is Yumi and her cells. Among the innumerable cells, such as the rational cell, the emotional cell, the hunger cell, and the writing cell, each person has their own main cell.

The main cell directs and controls all cells, ie it is the “identity cell” that represents the person. The main cell of the main character Yumi is a “cell of love”.

The Kdrama Yumi's Cells - The process of self-discovery through cells 6playTV

Yumi’s love cell is in a coma due to the failure of her previous relationship, and Yumi leads a monotonous life. Then Yumi meets a new person who loves her, and the love cell that was in a coma wakes up.

When Yumi’s identity, the main cell, the “love cell”, returns, various cells of Yumi, including the writer’s cell that has been buried for a long time, return, and her life becomes richer. .

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The reason why the writer’s cell was buried for a long time is because Yumi gave up her dream of becoming a writer.

This shows that Yumi is a character who has found her new purpose and regained her vitality thanks to the twist of “love”. Also, this storyline tells that when people fall in love, it’s time for people to do the things they want to do for their dreams.

The kdrama Yumi's Cells: The process of self-discovery through cells on 6play K-Selection

The characters in this drama have a priority list. Yumi’s main cell is the love cell, the number one priority in her heart has always been her boyfriend. However, Yumi’s cells are not happy with giving her boyfriend priority over her. When Yumi breaks up with Woong in Season 1, he puts him at the top of the list.

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After that, the first priority on the list is always Yumi. This scene brings us back to the existence of the ” Is who has been inadvertently pushed back in relationships with others. “Dating was the number one priority because I thought I would be happy if I dated someone. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a relationship. »

What I want is always the same. I just want to be happy. » Like Yumi’s lines, Yumi’s growing realization that she was the most important thing and that she was making a decision for herself and not the other person was significant. »

The reasons why you will love Yumi'cells

Cells make “Yumi’s Cells” something special. In the drama, the characters’ thoughts, feelings and actions are expressed in a world of cells. When Yumi is hungry, the Hunger Cell’s giant body is activated, and when she falls in love, the Love Cell transforms into a Primal Cell with superior abilities.

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Similarly, the character’s behavior is reconstructed into an event experienced by the cells. The producers used their imaginations and recreated the scene in which the cells experienced the character’s behavior into a scene from the drama.

For example, the kiss in the series was described as the tango dance of the tongue cells, and the “three-day diet” was expressed in such a way that only the body of the diet cell becomes huge for three days.

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Director Lee Sang-yeop said: “Since the story unfolds in a mix of live action and animation, we put a lot of effort into not only the content of the K-Drama, but also the directing aspect. »

The team has worked hard to make the real world and the cellular world one. For example, before switching to the round image of the cell in the animation scene, the camera filmed the round clock in the office where Yumi worked overtime. »

yumi cell m6 6play k comme coree coreenne series

The a lock: “Similarly, after emphasizing the sound of Yumi turning the pencil, they depicted the cells continuously turning the grinding wheel to show that Yumi was thinking hard to come up with an idea. »

So what are you waiting for, start Yumi’s Cells now on 6play, Click HERE to watch the kdrama.