The popular teen actress has been accused of ghosting the rapper’s boyfriend after he borrowed money from parents Kpop News

The popular teen actress has been accused of ghosting the rapper’s boyfriend after he borrowed money from parents Kpop News

Best known for her role in the 2014 hit drama K Jan Bori is here!actress Kim Ji Young (b. 2005) is one of Korea’s most active and sought-after teenage talents. However, as of Lunar New Year 2023, she was accused of cheating on her ex-boyfriend after owing him over KRW 10.0 million (about US$8,120).

Actress Kim Ji Young | @kimjiyoung0708/Instagram

Korean rapper ACHILLEknown for his appearances in show me the money Seasons 8, 9 and 11 as an example STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT Apprentice, downloaded a bunch of Instagram Posts and stories debunking the actress of the same age.

Rapper ACHILLO | @officialachillo/Instagram

In his claims, ACHILLO said he kept the secret “Things [Kim Ji Young] did for [his] Family.” He said that after careful consideration, he decided to go public because he couldn’t bear to watch it on TV.

The rapper claimed that his parents spent a large sum of money helping Kim Ji Young find refuge from the abuse she suffered from her parents at the time. With the financial support of the rapper’s parents, who pay rent and utilities, the actress would have gained her independence, although the rapper admitted to living with her.

| @officialachillo/Instagram

I didn’t want to make it public. But after thinking about it for six months, I decided to share it. Kim Ji Young and I lived together. She struggled with abuse from her parents. So, despite existing debts, my parents took out additional loans to help him find a place to live. My parents also paid the rent, of course.

But one day she disappeared without a trace. He told me that he is now in a relationship with @kkimjinsol and that I should stop contacting her. She promised to take care of the financial situation she is involved in. [with my family]. But I haven’t heard from her since.


ACHILLO claimed the relationship ended abruptly when the actress started dating someone else and tried to cut ties with him. According to ACHILLO, his Parents continue to work overtime despite deteriorating health as Kim Ji Young did not return it “borrowed amount”, or the loan the parents took out to support the actress.

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| @officialachillo/Instagram

My father barely sleeps four hours a day because he’s always trying to recover from the money he’s spent on her. Even if he pukes all the time [due to exhaustion], is an engine to make ends meet. My mother too. I hate seeing irresponsible people on TV. I will delete everything as soon as we get our money back.


ACHILLO also shared photos of an orange cat who was allegedly adopted by the actress during their split and then abandoned.

About the cat: She brought this cat home but when she left she told me to take care of it. He promised to pay the fine for not adopting, then left us. At the moment the cat lives with my parents and gets a lot of care. When she left us, she told me that she deserved to be irresponsible for once. How come that still makes sense?


The rapper clarified that he wants at least KRW 1.80 million (about US$1,460) from the actress: while Kim Ji Young owes him much more, he at least wants to get back the lease termination fees and adoption penalties. .

| @officialachillo/Instagram

Instagram story caption: If you know Kim Ji Young’s address or mobile phone number, please PM me.

Direct messages to Kim Ji Young’s InstagramMission: Hey, you should pay Sang Jae back. What are you doing right now? You also owe my mom the termination fee. It is ₩2.00 million KRW (about 1,620 USD). Why the hell? How come you play us like that? Ji Young, you said you would also give me 800,000 KRW (about 650 USD) to give up adopting the cat. It was you who told me that you would take care of the financial situation. Recall? Now don’t even think about backing down, I’ll let KakaoTalk pull our chat logs if needed. I know we share the room so I’ll share the cancellation fee with you. Send me 1.00 million KRW (about 812 USD) for this and 800,000 KRW (about 650 USD) for chat. Or you can meet me at the police station.

ACHILLO also shared a photo from March 2022, explaining that Kim Ji Young’s parents attacked him and accused his parents of kidnapping the actress, which ultimately led to his parents taking an active role in supporting the actress.

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| @officialachillo/Instagram

On March 10, 2022, Kim Ji Young’s parents came to my childhood home and accused us of kidnapping them. They not only talked nonsense, but also attacked me. However, I didn’t even report her to the police. Ji Young was taken home. A week later she ran away and we helped her around the house. So I’ll definitely make him pay for it.


In addition to the allegations against Kim Ji Young herself, ACHILLO accused the actress’ new boyfriend of Kim Jin SunShe also owes money. He shared Instagram direct messages from “Companions of Victims” who lost touch with Kim Jin Sol and Kim Ji Young, suggesting the actress may have done the same with several acquaintances.

Direct messages to ACHILLO from another “victim”. | @officialachillo/Instagram

[ACHILLO’s previous Instagram story]

companion of the alleged victim: Did you lend this girl money? I went to the same high school with her new boyfriend. He borrowed money from me and never paid it back.

[Screenshot of the fellow alleged victim’s Instagram DMs with Kim Jin Sol]

Following the revealing revelation, the actress and rappers have received mixed reactions from the public via Instagram comments. Some were quick to criticize the actress, demanding that she settle down with ACHILLO as soon as possible. Others questioned the rapper and the validity of his statements, noting that both sides of the story needed to be heard.

Regardless, the situation remains unresolved as Kim Ji Young has not responded to the claims made over the past 24 hours.

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