The Popular Female K-Pop Idol Who Never Won a Daesang Award at ‘Seoul Music Awards’ – Kpopnews

The Popular Female K-Pop Idol Who Never Won a Daesang Award at ‘Seoul Music Awards’ – Kpopnews

II 32nd Seoul Music Awards recently completed and presented over 30 awards to top K-pop artists.

(G)I-DLE keep their “32. Seoul Music Awards trophies (Miyeon had a conflicting schedule on the day of the ceremony) | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Every year the Seoul Music Prize recognizes artists with awards as Bonsango Grand Prize, New Artist Award, Best Album, Best Song, various genre specific awards and one lucky artist wins Grand Prize or similar Daesang.

NCT DREAM, winners of this year’s “Daesang” pose with their “32. Seoul Music Awards trophies (Haechan and Mark absent due to participation in NCT 127 World Tour) | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Among the most-awarded K-pop artists since the awards began in 1990 bts, EXO, super junior, Girls Generation, SHINEe, BIG BANG, TVXQ, user interfaceand further.

The Popular Music Awards were not without criticism, with the Seoul Music Prize detect an “abnormal tuning”. ALONE in 2020 with an official response statement. Fans have repeatedly accused the awards results of being rigged over the years.

Seoul Music Awards Reveals IZ*ONE Fandom Over Voting App Cheating

Following this year’s results, netizens have been reflecting on the past Daesang Winners and noticed a noticeable absence among the winners, which surprised netizens.

Although the best female soloist in K-Pop user interface He is one of the most awarded artists in the world Seoul Music Prize with a total of seven awards, equal on points red velvet, SEVENTEEN, SISTEROui TWICEbut she never had Daesang.

User Interface | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Although IU’s stunning and well-decorated career will not be marred by the lack of a Daesang since Seoul Music PrizeNetizens found it hard to believe that she hadn’t won the award in her 15-year career.

Netizens took to a popular online community forum to say it’s hard to take Seoul Music Prize seriously in response to the lack of UI among the Seoul Daesang Music Prize winner

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  • It’s not like an awards show. It’s an agency party.
  • “Oh my god… is it real?” »
  • “It’s an awards ceremony without authority ㅋㅋㅋ I’m starting to get that.”
  • “But it really doesn’t matter if [IU doesn’t] get an award because IU is already the best of the best ㅋㅋ”
  • “This is serious?”
  • “It is normal not to receive awards for lack of authority”
  • “Certainly not”
  • “Really wow…”
  • “I can not believe it”

For more information on the annual awards review, see the following article:

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