The Origins of Guling in Indonesia, Beginning with Isolation

The Origins of Guling in Indonesia, Beginning with Isolation

Many Indonesians can’t sleep without a hug. Turns out it’s like being hot then sleep.

Yes, boosters are known to be bedfellows that are very influential in the lives of Indonesian people. However, who knows whether the origin of guling in Indonesia comes from loneliness.

In the past, stimulants were used as fantasy introductions only on Dutch men.

Origin of Guling in Indonesia

According to the various literature available, stimulants as a sleep aid actually only exist in Indonesia. Its presence that does not exist in other countries makes the developers something special.

Citing various sources, the 1st president of the Republic of Indonesia Soekarno was even proud of the presence of guling. Guling is considered as one of the national names.

“Indonesians live with the vibration. We are the only nation in the world that has a type of pillow that is used only for sleeping. We can embrace this encouragement all night long, “in hear Bung Karno as written by Cindy Adams Bung Karno: Communicator of the People’s Language.

The presence of this measure also had time to surprise tourists who came to Indonesia. For example, the British writer William Basil Worsfold, who visited Java in 1892. He said that he was satisfied with the hotel services in Java.

In the book Tour in the Dutch East Coast 1981-1942 From Achmad Sunjayadi, Worsfold considers guling as ‘the Dutch woman’.

Yes, during colonial times, boosters were known as ‘Dutch woman‘. Literally, it means ‘Dutch Woman’.

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Without reason. Duration’Dutch woman‘ arose because of the loneliness that dominates Dutch men.

Guling is said to have originated from the celibacy of Dutch soldiers and officers in the East of Holland. So at that time there were no European women.

Picture of a hotel roomExample. The presence of guling in Indonesia originated from the Dutch people. (davidlee770924/Pixabay)

As a strategy to get rid of loneliness and channel libido, they try different methods. One of them is a roller.

Not all men can bring their wives or girlfriends from the Netherlands. Not all men are able to visit brothels or choose concubines.

Boosters are the cheapest option for weak libido channel. The cheapest bedfellow for them is the ‘Dutch woman’ or what we now know as boosters.

Some Dutch men use stimulants to release hope to their loved ones. Through encouragement, they can imagine that the soft young person in front of them resembles the image of the woman they want.


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