The Omega Diet in Eggs Turns Out Not as Great as You Think

The Omega Diet in Eggs Turns Out Not as Great as You Think

You may have heard of the breed statistics Omega-3 which is said to be more abundant debt from other eggs. Although they are more expensive than other types of eggs, omega-3 eggs still have many fans.

Omega eggs are considered special because they are said to contain them omega-3 which is very long. Omega-3 is a nutrient that is very important to the body, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is associated with health. heart.

But are omega eggs really great?

A nutrition expert from RSIA Melinda Bandung, Johanes Casay Chandrawinata said that the content of omega-3 in omega eggs is really high. But, it’s actually not high enough to meet a person’s daily omega-3 needs.

There are about 125 milligrams of omega-3 in each medium egg. According to various sources, adults are advised to consume 1,100-1,600 milligrams of omega-3 per day.

Omega-3 in eggs usually comes from the food consumed by laying hens.

“Why are they called omega eggs? Because the chickens that produce these eggs are fed only foods that contain omega-3, such as marine algae oil and flaxseed,” said Johanes when contacted. CNNIndonesia.comWednesday (31/8).

While the rest of the nutrients remain the same, there is no difference with other eggs.

High Cholesterol Omega Eggs

Example of Egg Cracking TechniquesExample. The omega-3 content of eggs is not as healthy as many people think. (Jakub Kapusnak/FoodiesFeed)

Even though it is healthy, you are still advised to limit your omega intake. The reason, according to Johanes, the cholesterol content in omega eggs is high.

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“For example yolks, especially the cholesterol content can reach more than 200 milligrams, while people need only 300 cholesterol per day,” he said.

Instead of eggs, it is recommended that you get your daily omega-3 intake from other sources such as salmon or mackerel. The content of omega-3 in salmon is very high and does not produce any harmful effects.

“Eating a lot of fish every day is good. On the other hand, if the egg. able to do, the average once eats only one food, especially yellow. Because it can make cholesterol, especially those that include Omega,” he said.


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