The next venture in the global K-pop group has come under increasing criticism as members fear exploitation, Kpop News

The next venture in the global K-pop group has come under increasing criticism as members fear exploitation, Kpop News

Last year, GBK entertainment announced that they will form a new global girl group, MEP-Cand revealed five pre-debut members from South Korea, India and Russia.

Esha, aria, new star, chiuetc long Slated to debut with the group, they had their own personal Instagram accounts to connect with fans. Four months later the line-up has changed completely and the accounts have left with the announcement of a new line-up. So what happened?

With a growing fan base, netizens were excited to cheer on the budding girl group and their diverse talents as they chase their dreams.

The company stated that members of its pre-debut cast for MEP-C would fall into one of three categories. ‘WANTED’, ‘CAPTURED’ and ‘MISSING’.

“WANTED” trainees are those who have successfully concluded a training contract with GBK Entertainment. Those who are “FOLLOWED” have signed an exclusive contract and are being considered for initial training by MEP-C, and “MISSING” indicates those who have not received an exclusive contract or have switched to training at another company.

The five members’ pre-debut profiles have been released, with each listing them as “WANTED”.

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Former pre-debut member Aria | @mepc_official/Instagram

Former pre-debut member Nova | @mepc_official/Instagram

The profiles have categorized the members’ photos, dance, game, rap, character and voice. The company was quickly criticized by many netizens who felt it was too harsh to expose members’ shortcomings in this way.

In February, the five pre-debut members’ personal Instagram accounts were deleted, and the group’s Instagram was deleted before the new members’ photos were added. They announced that the five former trainees had canceled their contracts before debuting and would not be debuting at MEP-C.

GBK Entertainment then revealed their plans for a unique concept where 12 out of 50 trainees would be chosen to train at the girls universe Program. These 12 trainees would then be put through a fan vote to secure their place in the first lineup. Currently, the company plans to release 5-7 of the 12 girls universe trainee

The pre-debut profiles of new interns drew criticism for filter-filled photos, which many saw as degrading from pre-debut profile photos.

With this unexpected change, netizens are starting to worry that the company is taking advantage of global K-pop contenders, especially after many current trainees are in an online training program.

Amid mounting criticism and mixed reactions towards the company, GBK Entertainment has announced six of the twelve pre-debut trainees being considered for the final cast of MEP-C.

For more information on the company’s ratings of the global K-pop group, see the following article:

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