The Most Unexpected and Interesting Twists of “The Glory”

The Most Unexpected and Interesting Twists of “The Glory”

In the first part of The Glory, we see the past traumas of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and the current state of friends group Park Yeon Jin (Im Ji Yeon). This led to the construction of Moon Dong Eun’s revenge story.

The most unexpected turns of "the glory"

As Moon Dong Eun’s revenge plan slowly unfolds, his accomplices, including Ju Yeon Jung (Lee Do Hyun), Kang Hyun Nam (Yeom Hye Ran), and Goo Seong Hee (Song Na Young), appear. They are his longtime supporters and the only ones on his side for his revenge.

Kang Hyun Nam

In the newly released Part 2, Moon Dong Eun’s sharp vengeance sword is aimed squarely at the evildoers. The end indicates the sentence “You reap what you sow”.

In particular, the story written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Ahn Gil Ho was presented in great detail not only in terms of the catharsis of revenge but also in terms of the clues.

The real villains of The Glory according to 322 viewers

So what are the hidden twists in The Glory that are even more intriguing once you know them?

#Soul #Eyes #Hands #Mouth, the poster predicts the fate of the guilty!

glory bounces

In the character posters released before Part 2 aired, Moon Dong Eun’s message to the guilty is written. Park Yeon Jin’s poster reads “Your soul that rejoiced at every moment”Cell de Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon) dit “Those Bitter Eyes”, which of Lee Sera (Kim Hee Ra) says: ” Those hands that mocked and destroyed”which of Choi Hye Jeong (Cha Ju Young) says: ” That mouth that laughed out loud at the misfortunes of others.and that of Son Myung Oh (Kim Gun Woo) says “Those feet that paved the way for the suffering of others”.

The most unexpected and interesting twists of "the glory" K selection

In accordance with the messages on the character posters, the guilty have faced death. Son Myung Oh crawled on the ground. Choi Hye Jung, who had a careless mouth, lost her voice. Jeon Jae Joon, who was complex from color blindness, lost his eyesight and fell into darkness. Park Yeon Jin, who went to prison, found herself with an empty shell of a broken soul.

People with the letter “ㅇ” in their name

In Part 1, Park Yeon Jin’s (Yoon Da Kyung) mother says to her daughter: “The shaman said to avoid people with the letter”Ceiling” in your name. weren’t you listening » However, Park Yeon Jin’s husband is Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il), and her daughter, who doesn’t hurt her, is Ha Ye Sol (Oh Ji Yul). All have the letter ‘Ceiling” in your name.

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Chaman the Glory

Also, despite his mother’s warning, Park Yeon Jin continues to hang out with Son Myung Oh and Choi Hye Jung as if they were friends.

So people with the letter » Ceiling on her behalf are they really hurting her like the shaman warned her? But if you look at history, these people don’t hurt Park Yeon Jin. On the contrary, they are the ones who suffer. Ha Do Young divorces her, Ha Ye Sol’s mother becomes a murderess, and Son Myung Oh and Choi Hye Jung both meet tragic ends.

The most unexpected and interesting twists of "the glory" K selection

The person leading Park Yeon Jin to his destruction is not except his own mother. In Part 2, Park tells Yeon Jin’s mother, whose name is HOng YOung Ae, finally appears. Among the names with the letter ‘Ceiling‘The shaman mentioned, his is the most prominent. The three characters of his name have the letter ‘Ceiling‘, and even two of them are in one character.

Hong Yeong Ae Shin Yeong Jun The Glory 1024x576

Hong Young Ae, who has asked Detective Shin Young Joon (Lee Hae Young) to represent her daughter, gives Park Yeon Jin’s badge when it is her stoppede. If Hong Young is Ae stoppedeShe ruthlessly abandons her daughter.

Park Yeon Jin, betrayed by her mother, descends into despair and destruction. The person who caused him the most harm est his mother, Hong Young Ae, whose name is filled with the letter” Ceiling « .

Another victim of Park Yeon-jin’s gang, Kim Kyung-ran

From the first part, attention focused on whether Moon Dong-eun would become a blade or an obstacle, and another victim of school violence, Kim Kyung-ran (played by Ahn So-yo), also took the spotlight.

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The most unexpected and interesting twists of "the glory" K selection

A scene was filmed in which Kim Kyung-ran was good friends with Moon Dong-eun before she became a target of violence at school. However, after Moon Dong-eun left school, Kim Kyung-ran became a new target and even a victim.

The most unexpected and interesting twists of "the glory" K selection

Later, when Moon Dong-eun grew up and went to siesta to meet Son Myung-oh, many people speculated on how Kim Kyung-ran looked at her. It has been speculated that Kim Kyung-ran Moon recognized Dong-eun and resented Dong-eun for making her a target of violence at school.

The most unexpected and interesting twists of "the glory" K selection

The question of how much influence the hitherto silent Kim Kyung-ran would have on Moon Dong-eun’s revenge.

In Part 2, when the lid was opened, it was revealed that Moon Dong-eun and Kim Kyung-ran had both decided to remain silent. They recognized each other at first sight, but deliberately ignored each other.

Although Kim Kyung-ran has long been sharpening the blade of vengeance, Moon Dong-eun asked her not to do anything. At the same time, Kim Kyung-ran’s pain is revealed. Both Kim Kyung-ran and Moon Dong-eun were victims in different ways.

The most unexpected and interesting twists of "The Glory" K selection

Kim Kyung-ran, who had only a minor presence in Part 1, played a pivotal role in Part 2. It was a revenge thread for the two young girls in Part 1 and for the adult couple who had fallen out.

The second part of “The Glory” had caused a lot of speculation about plot twists and revenge even before its release. Upon its release, the kdrama drew unprecedented attention, causing Netflix’s servers in Korea to crash on the day of its release.