The Mohenjo Daro museum has been badly damaged by the floods in Pakistan

The Mohenjo Daro museum has been badly damaged by the floods in Pakistan

One of the oldest human settlements in the world, Moenjodaro or as it is called Mohenjo-daro He did a lot of damage. Damage caused by rain and flooding Pakistan some time ago.

This natural event is the worst recorded in the history of the country. Moenjodaro is a world heritage site located in the Indus River valley. It is exactly 508 km from Karachi which was built in the bronze age or about 5,000 years ago.

A letter from Singh’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Heritage said: “Unfortunately we have seen the devastation of the community.” CNN.

The letter was submitted to UNESCO and was signed by curator Ihsan Ali Abbasi and engineer Naveed Ahmed Sangah. The letter also stated that, currently, the place is being used as a temporary shelter for the residents of the area affected by the flood.

“On humanitarian grounds, we are giving them protection in our homes, parking lots, shops and on the museum floor,” the letter said.

Currently, it is estimated that a third of Pakistan under water due to heavy rains and glacier melt water. Most of the Moenjodaro buildings discovered in the 1920s are above ground and are vulnerable to environmental damage.

The letter also included a photo showing a crumbling brick wall and mud covering the area. The emergency relief team there tried to reduce the damage caused by the flood, such as bringing water pumps, repairing brick walls and cleaning drains.

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FILE - A man carries supplies rescued from his home after floods hit the flood-hit Shikarpur district of Sindh province, Pakistan, Wednesday, August 31, 2022. The United Nations Meteorological Agency La Nina forecast is about to hit.  which will last until the end of this year, something amazing The flood that hit Pakistan. (Photo: AP/Fareed Khan)

At the end of the letter, Abbasi and Sangah asked for 100 million Pakistani rupees (Rp 18.7 billion) to pay for the repairs.

They also demanded that Moenjodaro be included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in Danger, which the conservation agency needs to update regularly to identify historic sites that are at risk of destruction.

In the past, the conservationists of Moenjodaro have known for a long time that floods can cause serious damage to the place. A list of UNESCO officials noted that Singh’s state flagged the situation and warned that upstream dams would cause major damage.

The site of Moenjodaro was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1980. The United Nations organization wrote that Moenjodaro ‘provides a remarkable testimony to the Indus Civilization’ and ‘the oldest organized city in the Indian subcontinent’.

In her time, it was a bustling city. There are markets, public baths, water purifiers and Buddhist stupas, most of which are built using sun-baked bricks.


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