The Meaning of Service Behind Meghan Markle’s Mourning Dress

The Meaning of Service Behind Meghan Markle’s Mourning Dress

Like female members United Kingdom others, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wearing a fancy black dress while attending a funeral War Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, England, Monday (19/9) local time.

Markle came along coffee shop black The dress was designed by her favorite designer, Stella McCartney.

The shirt comes complete with a hat and gloves. Complete with beautiful diamond earrings.

Behind Markle’s good looks, there is a hidden meaning. Stylish style Cachita Hynes said Markle’s choice to wear the dress was considered illegal.

Markle wore the same dress but in a different color when she attended Queen Elizabeth II’s 92nd birthday at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018.

To note, the clothes that Markle is wearing is a cut-out dress like a cape that covers her shoulders and arms.

“Strike like this gives you more height in your spine, helping you to be taller and stronger,” Hynes said. List.

This dress is considered one of Markle’s ways to still be strong despite being covered in grief.

Not only that, the dress is also considered to show Markle’s need to hug. Hugs are needed during the mourning period, and the conflict between Markle – Prince Harry and other members of the British royal family.

“It is [gaun] It can also feel like a hug is needed,” Hynes said. In the midst of a crisis, he continued, a hug can feel good enough.

The Queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey - West Gate - Pictured is Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, September 19, 2022. Geoff Pugh/Pool via REUTERSMeghan Markle looks amazing coffee shop guests at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. (via REUTERS/POOL)

In addition to her black dress, Markle also appeared with pearls and diamond earrings. The earrings were a gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II to her.

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“After wearing Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond earrings, it’s a reminder of the simplicity and elegance that the queen expresses through her dress,” Hynes said.

As you know, diamonds have become a symbol of traditional jewelry used for funerals of the British royal family.

Markle’s appearance also attracted the attention of netizens. Speaking The sixth pageothers responded positively to Markle’s appearance at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“All appearances [Markle] today about the Queen. Talk about being wise,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Many netizens also associate Markle’s choice of coffee dress on different occasions as showing a different message in the middle of the crisis.

Markle has been known to wear the coat many times on various occasions. Markle also wore a white coat in 2020 during her last appearance as a working member of the royal family.

“It takes strength to be human. Prepare yourself, Duchess,” said one netizen.


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