The Left Behind Book Review: What We Learned From Those Who Disappeared

The Left Behind Book Review: What We Learned From Those Who Disappeared

Title: What He Left Behind: What We Learn From Those Who Disappear

Drama: Kim Sae Byoul, Jeon Ae Won

Translated by: Anna Lee

Written by: Martin Dima

Set: Fajarianto

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

What happens after we die? What is the real story that makes a person die, loneliness can really make people lose their lives, why do some people decide to kill themselves?

This book exposes a variety of true stories behind the death told by the curator of the deceased’s belongings, both of those who died of natural causes or not—such as murder or suicide. When asked to clean the belongings of the deceased, sometimes there are some strange things, like an old man who died without his knowledge and only weeks later his body was found.

Clear and touching, the book that inspired the K-drama Move to Heaven combines personal experiences and thoughts with fluid and easy-to-read language.

This is a wonderful book that will make the reader cry and cry, and make us know important things that have been neglected, including how precious life, family, love, and friendship are. .


“I hope that we will also be grateful for our lives and those we love, and realize that just living in vain and being grateful are very different.” (p. xviii)

“Death is just part of the world.” (page 16)

“But, a man’s heart cannot be filled with things. He suffered a lot from loneliness until he killed himself.” (page 37)

From the things that the dead people left or left behind, we can see a picture of his life. Is he happy? Does he feel weak? Does he love his life? Does he feel that his life is worthless?

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The author of this biography is the guardian of the property of the deceased. The services offered are not limited to collecting the things left behind by the deceased. In addition, he must also ensure that his work does not interfere with the lives or customers who use his services. Having an unusual profession, he has to constantly strengthen himself and face all kinds of humiliation or bad opinion from others.

“Difficulties are like the rent we pay every month to live. But happiness comes to us more than hardships. We don’t realize it because we think it’s natural.”

“Despite the difficulties that exceed our strength, we have to rise again and continue living, that’s why life exists.”

“Life is a blessing and a miracle. Being us is a special event since the creation of this world. We were born in this world and it means that God Almighty has chosen us.”

It is written in four parts: If They Love Each Other More; Whatever Our Lives Are, We Are Precious; Hoping to Rise from the Lowest Level; and what is left of life Finally, a collection of essays is included in this book with the author’s thoughts. There are times when after we finish reading a story, we need time to think to calm our mind first before we continue reading the next story.

Dying alone is a topic that is discussed extensively in this book. We are born and come into this world without being able to question the future we want to live. Various problems, pressures, and problems in life can come and go. It causes the spirit of life that is there to slowly fade away until it disappears in a whirlwind. Until someone chooses to end life and welcome death without delay.

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“The world has changed. We cannot live in the past alone. Will the world adapt to us? We must adapt to the world.”

“If you have the courage to end your life, live your life with that courage.”

“In reality, life or death is something that happens in solitude, but we live to the end without getting tired because we find strength in relationships with those close to us.”

“Dying alone in loneliness without anyone accompanying him, does not show that he died in loneliness, but it shows that he lived in loneliness.”

“The greetings we ask for news, or warm words from us, can make people who are precious to us choose not to die, but to choose life. our heart and beloved. some.”

There are many sad and sad stories told in this book. The topic of suicide to murder is a scary topic, but from the point of view of a mortician, there are many gaps that become something to think about life itself. A hard life is not easy. Staying strong in the face of various pressures can take us to the lowest point in life.

The thoughts in this book are also a reminder for us to be considerate of the people around us. There have been many people dying in South Korea whose bodies were found weeks later. There is someone who is sad because he feels that he lost the chance to save his best friend’s life. There is an animal that is waiting for the body of its master who has not been found for a long time until he himself cannot survive. Some decided not to tell their daughter that she was sick and died in her room. There is also a grandmother whose family members living with her discovered her death after a few days. Is it possible to prevent someone’s death or is it more likely if we are careless and take care of it?

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Cleaning the room that has been lived in for a long time is definitely not an easy thing, but one by one the things collected will reveal a series of stories and stories about the life of the deceased who used to live in the room. Reading stories after stories of people who have died does not make us panic when we think of death. Instead it rekindles hope and desire for a better life. Things They Left BehindA heartwarming book that reminds us that life isn’t hard to walk, it’s still worth fighting for.