The Korean dating show contestant has been praised for admitting feelings for fellow competitor Kpop News

The Korean dating show contestant has been praised for admitting feelings for fellow competitor Kpop News

The Korean online streaming service ambience recently aired reality show love alert! Applaud! Applaud! based on webtoon and korean drama love alarm.

“I love the alarm bell! Applaud! Clap your hands!” Promotional poster

The reality show follows the premise of the webtoon set in a world where a dating app called “Love Alarm” has been developed that will let users know if anyone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them.

In the reality show, contestants can choose two users they have feelings for in their “Love Alarm” app.

K-Drama “Love Alarm” | @daebakdrama/Tumblr

There are eight competitors love alert! Applaud! Applaud!Each of them appears under a nickname instead of their real name.

Episode 11 of the show recently went viral for an unexpected moment that transpired as a contestant White Rose She stood in front of the others, waiting to see if anyone would choose her.

Just when it looked like nobody would move, the candidate jasmine He confidently went to White Rose to indicate that he wanted to date her.

Jasmine’s move was unexpected as she had previously dated male candidates. shred Oui TinkerbellHe told them both that he only started her with the Love Alarm app, which fans were beginning to suspect was a strategic move to get closer to White Rose.

The moment was praised by netizens, who were proud of Jasmine for confidently admitting her feelings for another TV contestant.

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Historically, South Korean society has been relatively conservative when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. So far, there are no laws in South Korea that provide legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Although there has been a gradual movement toward greater acceptance in recent years, discrimination and prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community still persists, especially among younger generations.

Former idols and trainees confirmed that there is indeed an LGBTQ+ community among Korean celebrities, but shared that they often don’t come out publicly to keep their privacy to themselves or for fear of audience backlash.

Former K-Pop trainee Gina Maeng and former Blady Coco member | RilacCoco/YouTube

Jasmine’s assured actions in love alert! Applaud! Applaud! She earned a date with White Rose, who cashed in all of her hard-earned “heart cards” for a premier date night on a luxury yacht.

Netizens loved seeing Jasmine openly expressing her feelings for White Rose and White Rose warmly embracing those feelings.

The moment made the hostess cry Hong Seok Cheon‘s when the prominent MC, actor and restaurant owner became one of Korea’s first openly gay celebrities when it came out in 2000, it was met with significant backlash and hatred at the time.

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Hong Seok Cheon | @tonyhong1004/Instagram

There are still a few episodes left for the reality dating series so fans stay tuned to see what White Rose really thinks of Jasmine and if the two gorgeous contestants will make it to the finale.

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