The Jeep Merapi Tour price has now gone up due to the rise in fuel prices

The Jeep Merapi Tour price has now gone up due to the rise in fuel prices

Car service dealer tourist jeep slope Mount MerapiYogyakarta, has decided to increase the cost of transportation due to the increase in the price of fuel (BBM).

Additional income is up to IDR 50,000 per travel package, one of the Jeep group’s implementation. Tourism Mount Merapi (AJWLM).

“The tariff for each package will increase by Rp. 50 thousand. This starts from the date we decided on September 4 yesterday,” said AJWLM President of West Sleman Regency, Dardiri when contacted, Tuesday (6/9).

Dardiri in detail, for Package I or the cheapest route with Mini Rest of Hartaku Museum, The Lost World Park or Batu Alien, then the water machine is priced at IDR 350 thousand one way.

According to Dardiri, this new tax has been adjusted to account for other operating costs other than fuel, such as spare parts which he believes will increase the selling price.

“Parts for example, from the beginning the price of Rp. 2,000 will rise. Tires, oil, if we count, they are very heavy,” he said.

Dardiri continued, “Yes, for diesel, the increase is only small. The only effect (increase) is the need for spare parts, wherever it is, it is the same.”

Merapi jeep tour in Kali Kuning, Pakem, Sleman is full of tourists, Tuesday (3/5).Mount Merapi jeep tour. (Photo: CNN Indonesia/Tunggul)

According to Dardiri, only about 25 percent of his group’s members use diesel fuel to light their fires. Others use pertalite.

However, it is not unusual for traders to spend more money to buy Dexlite or Pertamina Dex, due to restrictions on the purchase of fuel subsidies, while passengers who have already ordered services cannot wait. not.

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Furthermore, Dardiri believes that the increase in the currency of Rp. 50,000 is not excessive considering the services provided.

“Because we assumed that this extension of Rp. 50,000, from Jasa Raharja, a tourist spot on the slopes of Merapi, that’s what we paid. All are covered, tourists do not have to pay any extra. bonus,” he said.

His party, in addition to this, is also giving opportunities to tourists who have registered before September 4, 2022. The reason is that there are those who registered in December of this year. year.

“Those who gave the order have already started using it, it doesn’t matter. “However, we have coordinated with travel agencies, offices and through social media. We have announced that from the 4th (September) the price will increase,” he said.

On the other hand, one of the beach tourism traders in Bantul region, Hendra Nurdiyansyah, admitted that he did not think of increasing the price of his service.

Hendra said he still uses the old tariff for every tour package available. Starting from a short trip set at IDR 350 thousand one way along Gumuk Pasir road, Lorong Cemara Sewu, Cemara Sewu Beach, Parangkusumo Beach, Parangtritis Beach, and Coral Beach.

Then the most expensive, worth Rp. 750 thousand, it is a long trip with activities including short hiking trails, medium hiking trails, and climbing Paragliding Hill and Soka Hill above Parangtritis Beach.

Hendra said, “The fare is still the same as before, or there is no increase. If we want to increase the fare, we will start looking at the situation now.”

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