The Holy Darlings: The Series is Coming to Melody TV

The Holy Darlings: The Series is Coming to Melody TV

It’s a cult series arriving on Melody TV: The Holy Darlings starring Micheline Presle and Daniel Gélin will be broadcast from April 1st.

Melody TV, the long-established television channel, is recovering The holy darlings, a fun and modern comedy created in 1965 and immortalized by the Presle – Gélin couple. The series was written by Nicole de Buron and directed by the great Jean Becker (The Murderous Summer), with iconic music by Jean Leccia. The series will see many guests including Jacques Higelin, Jean Yanne and Gérard Rinaldi. It’s a bit like the ancestor of A Guy A Girl and its humor works with the weight of donkeys too.

The series has a total of 3 seasons and 39 episodes that aired between 1965 and 1971.

Micheline Presle is Eva, Daniel Gélin is Pierre. She is a housewife, he is an executive in a large company. Jean Becker stages the chronicle of this typical family of the 1960s: Parisian life, baby flu, convivial meals, domestic scenes, country house… everyday life at its funniest!

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