The Heartbreaking Meaning of BTS Suga’s “AMYGDALA” Lyrics Kpop News

The Heartbreaking Meaning of BTS Suga’s “AMYGDALA” Lyrics Kpop News

Lately, suga btsDisney+ documentary Road to D Day presented his “journey to find new stories and inspire new dreams” while creating his solo album.

Sugar by BTS | weaver

One scene in particular involved the process of writing their new music, which ARMY can recognize as a behind-the-scenes moment for BTS. In The Soop Season 2. jimin enter the trailer while Suga works and records new music.

The song Suga is recording is none other than “AMYGDALA”.

When he reveals it to Jimin, he shares that it’s one of his favorite songs at this point in the writing process.

However, as Suga dives into the true meaning of the song, fans can see how emotional the lyrics are to him.

There is something called the “amygdala”. Your brain stores all of your unpleasant memories in the amygdala.

– Suga

The amygdala stores sad or uncomfortable memories to protect you from those situations in the future.

So you can prepare for such situations in the future.

– Suga

As the lyrics’ content references some of his traumatic memories, including his own accident, his mother’s heart surgery and his father’s cancer diagnosis, he asks his amygdala to relieve him of this pain.

I have huge mood swings every time I work on this song. To work on this, I need to conjure up some of my uncomfortable memories.

– Suga

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However, instead of running away from them, he confronts them head-on by writing about them in songs to overcome and “control” the memories in his mind.

But learning to control those memories is actually a very important process.

– Suga

The song immediately resonated with many fans for its raw and emotional lyrical content that deals with painful or traumatic memories.

Since Suga presents himself as a lotus flower, he shows his strength by “blossoming” in the midst of unfortunate situations.

Check out the full clip below.