“The Glory” Real Victim “Perpetrators Deleted All Their SNS Posts” → Street Cleaner Confession “2.7 Billion Earned Fortune”

“The Glory” Real Victim “Perpetrators Deleted All Their SNS Posts” → Street Cleaner Confession “2.7 Billion Earned Fortune”

Attack on Sisters provided the current real-life status of bullying victims at The Glory School and resolved customer concerns.

Channel S’ Attack on the Sisters show, which aired February 28, featured trotting singer Park Gun, a couple who have been married for 3 years, and a sanitation worker worth 2.7 billion won who owns their shared concerns.

First Park Gun mentioned his wife Han Young and said “She told me to go to the National Assembly because I am so loved by many people. I wonder if I should really run for the National Assembly.” In response, Park Mi Sun said: “You must read the meaning of what your wife said. “Actually, I don’t want you to go to the National Assembly,” “Wake up! Take care of me instead,” etc. Don’t take the words at face value, instead ask why she said that.

Park Gun, who is always careful with his knowledge, confessed “If someone calls me and says they’re getting married but I can’t attend, I still send money and wreaths on the wedding. Of course I will do it for the people who are close to me, but for the people who are not close to me I will still make congratulatory videos. If someone asks me for a favor, of course I will.

Park Gun surprised everyone when he said: “Last month I spent 2 million won on congratulations“. In addition, Park Gun revealed that he logs contacts with names and places of residence. In explanation he said: “For example, if I search for ‘Ulsan’, I can find the names of everyone who lives in Ulsan, right? I want to visit business partners and go to places I’ve never been to taste the food there.” add to “I registered about 2000 contacts”. Kim Ho Young agreed with Park Gun, saying he has a similar habit of dealing with personal relationships.

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The reason Park Gun has been trying to manage all of his personal relationships is because he grew up as an only son and was on his own. Therefore he became greedy to have friends. When the 3 MCs heard the story, they found a solution. KimHoYoung said: “You can think like that. People don’t like you as much as you think they do.. Added Park Mi Sun, “You should save time and take better care of your wife.”

Then a couple who had been married for 3 years also came to the salon for advice. The husband said he wanted a stone ceiling because the heaviness calmed him down. In the video featured on the show, the husband could be seen sleeping under the mattress. The woman couldn’t sleep well due to the situation, so she confessed her sadness to the 3 MCs.

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the husband said “It’s my habit. I don’t think that’s a problem”. However, the woman stated “My husband has broken 4-5 bedsteads so far. We used a Murphy bed and I put a TV under it but he ruined it. It kept sticking to the walls and the wallpaper was fading. It’s a rented house, but we’ve already paid 1.8 million won for the wallpaper. she continued “It’s okay for me because I’m an adult. We used to have a cot in our room for our baby. My husband went under the baby shelter and the baby was about to fall out as my husband pushed the bed against the wall. Luckily I discovered it, but I couldn’t control it all the time.. The husband replied that he did not remember this story.

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The MCs recommended that the couple go to a sleep clinic. After the show, the couple went to a sleep clinic and got a prescription for good sleep.

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On today’s show, Park Seong Min, who was bullied with a hair straightener from The Glory, revealed his recent status. Park Seong Min said: “After my previous appearance on Attack on Sisters, a lot of people tell me to cheer up, so I get a big boost. Originally I couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours, but today I sleep 6 hours.

Park Seong Min added: “The authors deleted all their SNS posts.“The MCs welcomed the future of Park Seong Min, “Your face is lighter than when you last appeared on the show. We will continue to support you in the future.

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Then Koo Bum Joon, a street cleaner worth 2.7 billion won, appeared and confessed his concerns. He shared, “I showed some of my strengths. I said, “I have about 2.7 billion won in assets. I just wanted to show that even a high school graduate like me can be successful if I live hard.

Koo Bum Joon continued: “I have received many complaints from the district office. There were also malicious comments urging me to give my work to those who needed it. A street cleaner must be poor, and such prejudices seem difficult.

Source: Daum