‘The Glory’ Director’s Ex-Girlfriend Ahn Gil Ho Opens Up About Being Bullied at School – Kpopnews

‘The Glory’ Director’s Ex-Girlfriend Ahn Gil Ho Opens Up About Being Bullied at School – Kpopnews

March 10, Fame director Ahn Gil Ho was accused of physically assaulting younger students while attending an international school in the Philippines in 1996 FameThe long-awaited second season is here Netflix.

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According to the anonymous post, Ahn was dating a student at her school. When the OP (original poster) and his friends “annoyed” the girl for dating Ahn, he called her out and physically injured her.

I don’t want to cause controversy just because Ahn is fine,” the user wrote. “I just find it absurd and unforgivable that a school bully himself would make a TV show about how school bullies are brought to justice. So I decided to make it public.

– Anonymous publication

The director spoke Yonhap News Agency Friday and denied physically assaulting anyone while he was at school in the Philippines.

It’s true that I went to school in the Philippines in 1996, but I never did violence to anyone… I don’t remember ever ganging up on anyone and attacking them.

– Ahn Gil Ho Yonhap

But his then-girlfriend, identified as “B,” said Yonhap that the attack happened. She clarified that her friends have never teased her to the point of warranting physical abuse.

Contrary to what people think, my friends didn’t tease me to the extreme. It was more like the usual banter and bickering between friends… If I had known my friends would be mugged like that, I wouldn’t have told him at all.

—L’ex-petite amie d’Ahn “B”, Yonhap

She also revealed that her friends used to tease the director by calling him.eel”, which means “not long” in Korean. While that might seem like a sexual innuendo, according to “B,” neither of them were old enough to understand the sex jokes. The term was actually used to poke fun at their short legs as discussions of short versus long legs were a hot topic at the time.

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Another witness, who claimed to have attended the same school as the accuser and Ahn, told the media that it was not a minor matter that the principal could have overlooked.

People were seriously injured after this incident,” the person said during the phone call with Yonhap. “It was an incident that was widely mentioned throughout the school at the time, and I don’t think there’s any way Ahn wouldn’t remember it.

—Ahn’s anonymous schoolmate, Yonhap

Following these conflicting statements, Ahn Gil Ho’s legal team issued an apology on March 12 and admitted the charges.

‘The Glory’ PD Ahn Gil Ho admits he was bullied at school