‘The Glory’ Director Faces Intimidation Charges – KpopNews.com

‘The Glory’ Director Faces Intimidation Charges – KpopNews.com

A few hours before the premiere of the long-awaited second season of NetflixIt is FameThe director of the drama is accused of intimidation.

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On March 10, the media reported about it Ah gil ho (aka Gil Ho An), who directed the drama Fame, he was accused of being a bully himself at school.

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An internet user is said to have recently claimed that the producer was a bully. briefing daily interviewed the netizen who said he felt conflicted with Ahn Gil Ho doing bullying drama when he was a bully himself.

I found out that he (the director of the drama) was from the Philippines through a group chat room with my former classmates. I don’t want to bother that (Ahn Gil Ho) is doing well. However, I can’t forgive him for having the audacity to direct a drama about bullying Fame.

– Internet users

The netizen claimed that Ahn Gil Ho stalked them in 1996 when they were in high school. According to the netizen, they were high school students while Ahn Gil Ho was in senior form at a local high school in the Philippines.

The netizen claimed that the principal was dating a high school student at the time. The netizen said she and her friends made fun of the director’s girlfriend at the time. The netizen then claimed that the manager ordered her and her friends to be brought in front of him and when they got there they were attacked by Ahn Gil Ho.

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According to the netizen, they were attacked by the director and a dozen of his friends.

At this point I was too scared to count but there were about ten people including Principal Ahn. Then they attacked us, and while he was questioning us, if we didn’t answer him, he threatened to stab us. They robbed us for about two hours.

– Internet users

The netizen said it wasn’t easy for them to come forward, adding that they feared reprisals.

There have been numerous cases of disputes over alleged celebrity stalkers, in which the victims have suffered further abuse. Since I don’t live in Korea, I wasn’t worried about myself, but I was worried about my friends in Korea. However, my friends encouraged me, so I made the decision (to apply).

– Internet users

The netizen went on to reveal the lasting effects of the attack. According to the netizen, since he was attacked, older or solar At school, they began to abuse their younger classmates.

After he attacked us for the first time, Principal Ahn ordered our school’s sunbaes to attack my classmates. Before that, we were all close because we grew up together. However, after the incident, we were beaten for not showing respect to our elders or for not bowing properly.

– Internet users

Finally said the netizen who lives in the United States daily that you are prepared to take legal action if necessary.

If Director Ahn denies it, I will provide you with the testimonies of my friends who were attacked with me. If he refuses and takes legal action, I will also actively respond. He’s shameless.

– Internet users

According to the message Fame’The production team was made aware of the allegations and said they are investigating the allegations. Ahn Gil Ho reportedly did not respond to requests for comment on the allegations.

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