“The Glory” actress Cha Joo Young is completely different in every role

“The Glory” actress Cha Joo Young is completely different in every role

oh yeah young starred as the voluptuous and raw stewardess, Choi Hye Jeong, in Fame. Aside from the actress’s amazing acting skills, she has also garnered a lot of attention in the role because of her sexy image.

The viral white dress scene. | Netflix

Cha Joo Young fits the sexy image so well you’d think she’d always looked grown up. But it’s actually one of the first roles for Cha Joo Young to stray from looking pure and innocent. Here are some of his most iconic transformations.

1. “Cheese in the Trap”

Did you know she was also in K-Drama? cheese in the trap? She played the good guy but the bad guy solarNam Joo Yeon.


A pretty and popular girl, she always wore clothes that showed an elegant and pure image. Her hair was also kept in the typical C curls.

Take a look at her scenes below.

2. “Knights of Volgyesu Tailoring”

She played announcer Choi Ji Yeon in this daily drama. Cha Joo Young certainly played a lot of evil characters in his debut!

As a presenter, she often wore costumes and dresses. As a main antagonist, he pursued the female lead, but eventually hooked up with his brother.

3. “Love in the Moonlight”

As a versatile actress, she also knows how to do traditional drama! she played the giseng Aeschim im sage love in the moonlight.

4. “Love Wok”

In this drama, she plays the main role, Seok Dal Hee.

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As a plastic surgeon, she is dedicated to her work. She cheats on her fiancé and breaks up with him after deciding she has no future with him.

As a broad spectrum actress, we can’t wait to see what her next role will be.