The Fourniret Case: The Two Faces of Monique Olivier

The Fourniret Case: The Two Faces of Monique Olivier

From housewife to accomplice of the most prolific French serial killer. The new Netflix documentary series about Monique Olivier, wife of French monster Michel Fourniret, was released on March 2nd.

Wife and partner of the monstrosity. The one who posed as the victim and said she was afraid of her companion turns out to be the faithful accomplice in the crimes of her serial killer husband, whom she helped in the kidnappings, rapes, murders and concealing the bodies of the victims.. .

The one nicknamed “the ogre of the Ardennes” had his evil twin: “the ogre of the Ardennes”, his beloved wife… The meeting of the two lovers was immutable. According to a classified ad, they maintained a correspondence by mail, despite Michel Fourniret serving his first sentence for sexually assaulting a minor… Out of the bars, a surprising romance emerged between the two soulmates of infamy. In the hundreds of letters they sent each other, Michel told her at length about his pedophilic inclinations to rape young, virgin girls, while she shared with him her depression and her desire to murder her ex-husband… How could they not each other fall in love under these circumstances? I ask you ! And as the poet André Brochu said: “Madness, like a crime, is a detour to love”… Their two ailing brains shared the same curiosity and morbid obsession, which led them to marry as soon as Fourniret was released.

From the outside, Monique Olivier appeared to be the perfect homemaker, homemaker, and caring mom to Selim, the couple’s only child. Nothing hinted at the atrocities that reigned in the cozy nest of the Fourniret spouses … She, who was described by her loved ones as so gentle, submissive, shy and reserved, hid a completely different face in the intimacy of the house. Even crueler. Because she is a mother. A child-bearing woman of her own who helps kill and rape others, using her own son to lure her future victims.

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Eventually imprisoned for life shortly after him, Monique’s darker side of the world is revealed. She was an accomplice in five of the eight murders her husband confessed to. United in sadism and murder, the cruelty and actions of this unsympathetic couple make the French tremble even 20 years after the last murder.

« The Fourniret Affair: Inside Monique Olivier’s Mind is therefore an impressive series made up of testimonies from relatives of the victims, those responsible for investigations, specialists of the time, lawyers… a must for all fans of this kind of morbid documentary. To better understand Monique Olivier’s personality, her career and the mysteries that surround her, don’t hesitate any longer and add her to your Toudoum list!

… the Loane Gilbert