The Eternal Love of King Charles and Empress Camlia in the Shadow of Princess Diana

The Eternal Love of King Charles and Empress Camlia in the Shadow of Princess Diana

After the Queen Elizabeth II die, Prince Charles III officially ascended the throne. He is now King Charles III and will rule England in place of his late mother.

However, there are women who have always been with Charles from being friends, lovers, who are referred to as the third person in Charles and Princess Diana’s family, to become wives and now the empire.

Queen Camilla

The love story of Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles has had a rough and tumble, but now the love journey of almost half a century has sweet fruits. Camilla assumed the role of Empress alongside Charles for the rest of her life.

The initiative Readers DigestKing Charles who was still a prince at the time finally married Camilla in 2005, and yet, they are happily together to this day.

Charles and Camilla’s love, which has lasted since they started dating in 1972, can be said to be eternal.

But then, the question arises why Charles didn’t marry Camilla in the first place, and why did he marry Diana who eventually died?

Bedell Smith, author of Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, said that from the beginning, Charles fell in love with Camilla, who was about the same age as Charles, while Diana was 13 years younger.

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However, the royal family is not interested in Camilla. Even Camilla was considered an ‘experienced’ woman. She was also considered ‘aristocratic’ enough to be a princess.

While in love with Camilla, Charles was invited to foreign naval affairs. It was later used by opponents of the relationship to put some distance between Charles and Camilla.

Camilla calms down and reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles. And it was here that Bedell Smith speculated that a plan had been hatched to get Camilla to marry Andrew.

Camilla and Andrew’s wedding

Camilla’s father is rumored to have placed an announcement of Camilla-Andrew’s engagement in The Times. Prince Charles returned to England after hearing about Camilla and Andrew’s departure.

According to Bedell Smith, Charles could have married Camilla, despite her family’s disapproval, if the news had not been revealed. Instead, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973.

After that, Charles met many ‘matchy’ women until he met Diana Spencer in 1980. But before that, Camilla was in his heart.

At the end of 1995, Parker Bowles divorced, Prince and Princess Diana were going through a divorce. Diana famously told TV interviewer Martin Bashir that “there are three people in this marriage, so it’s a bit crowded”.

Charles and Camilla’s eternal love

Charles once said “It’s always good to have someone by your side,” and described his wife as “a big support.” “It’s always nice to have someone who, you know, you understand and want to encourage. Even though she’s bound to make fun of me when I’m serious about things. And that all helps.”

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Camilla has always been a loyal friend to Charles. The initiative Yes News, as a lady in marriage to Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the 72-year-old has spent years being vilified by the public – and her mother-in-law – but still comes out on the other side with her love and dignity still intact. .

The late Queen Elizabeth II is also said to have condemned the relationship, branding Camilla a ‘wicked woman’. Despite this, Camilla remained faithful to Charles for over fifty years and most of her 21-year marriage to British army officer Andrew Parker Bowles.


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