The end of an era? – Stylediacreativo

The end of an era? – Stylediacreativo

Anger is simmering among the fans LONDON.

While the famous K-pop group, which had a very original and successful debut back in 2016, has just wrapped up their first world tour, problems are only piling up.

Although the orbits (Editor’s Note: Fans of the group) were delighted to find the girls on stage during an exceptional series of concerts that passed the Zénith de Paris on September 13, 2022, the tour leaves a bitter aftertaste. In fact, injuries have increased and many members have had to stop attending concerts, some even returning to Korea. If the fans were sad not to see the entire team, it’s certainly the same for the side of the group that hasn’t been able to shine as it can, forced to continue a tour that has certainly been physically and mentally exhausted.

The case of the member chuu also belongs to the dark news of the group and undoubtedly points to many evils. For many months, the singer was sidelined by management. Rumors of these measures, which seemed to her primarily disciplinary after a disagreement that was not publicly known, only grew stronger when BlockBerry Creative (which manages LOONA’s career) announced its dismissal on the group’s networks and rushed to reveal details about the ” Case” to add “, citing in particular a problem of discipline and respect of the young woman. When some employees who have worked with LOONA over the years disprove the facts, the agency maintains its position and stokes the wrath of fans who put their favorite group’s career in grave jeopardy due to the endless troubles caused by them see the k-pop industry.

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But the chaotic world tour and Chuu’s firing may have allowed the girls to muster up the courage to say “stop.” According to JTBC, nine of the remaining 11 members (HeeJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye) have requested immediate termination of their contract with BlockBerry Creative. At the time of writing, the latter has denied the allegations made by the press. The doubt still remains, because this kind of affair is unfortunately not the first of its kind in the K-Pop scene and unfortunately no longer surprises.

Also note: Yeo Jin had revealed last September that she had never received a salary since her debut. This admission, of course, is reminiscent of the famous “slave contracts” that idols often sign very young and with little support. Worse still, when the artists are not Korean, the language barrier then becomes an advantage for the agencies scamming young people trainee in contracts that are difficult for them to understand.

The abuse list for LOONA grows by the day, pointing to many abuses that K-pop agencies inflict on artists. All the Orbits hope is that everyone can get a good start in the entertainment industry, away from an abusive business.

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