The e-commerce industry is strengthening strategies to face Tech Winter, Who’s Still Standing Out So Far?

The e-commerce industry is strengthening strategies to face Tech Winter, Who’s Still Standing Out So Far?

According to Katadata Insights Center’s survey titled ‘MSME Research Report: Market Status for MSMEs’, 57% of business players said that the highest sales value comes from Shopee, followed by Tokopedia (28%), Lazada ( 6%). ), Bukalapak (3%), Blibli (2%), and others (3%). This data also confirms Shopee’s position as a top choice for e-commerce, not only for consumers, but also for online sellers on the e-commerce platform.

According to the same survey, Shopee’s special day promotion is considered the most helpful for business by most business players (50%), followed by Tokopedia Shopping Time Indonesia promotion (12%). This is also a driving factor that makes sellers to make Shopee the top e-commerce platform for their online business.

Sellers also get a huge advantage by joining e-commerce because of the ease of dealing and interacting with customers. These different factors also make 70% of the respondents evaluate the online platform as useful and can conduct business anywhere. Additionally, 69% chose it because of the many ads.

From the various information above, it can be concluded that in the many attacks of the uncertain global economic situation and all the changes that have occurred, Shopee still has priority as the most popular choice for e-commerce. for many consumers and sellers in the country.

According to Bima Laga, president of the Indonesian Internet Business Association (idEA), he believes that the growth of e-commerce will continue even though people have returned to face-to-face activities after the relaxation of PPKM. “Currently, online shopping has become a way of life and a tool to meet daily needs,” said Bima.

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Strategic adjustments will continue to be made to maintain the business. Especially after the big players made adjustments to each other for reasons of creating a better environment. It will be interesting to see how the activities of e-commerce players in the coming years can survive in difficult economic conditions.