The delicate pension reform: duel between government and opponents

The delicate pension reform: duel between government and opponents

The reform, which lowers the retirement age from 62 to 64 and extends the contribution period to 43 years, continues to cause resentment: the duel between an uncompromising government and opponents who “will not give up” still has an end and a bright future ahead of them. ..

When Friday, February 17th at midnight the scrutiny of pension reform before the National Assembly ends, the showdown between the government and those who defied the law is far from over…

Article 3 ended the debates in the plenary hall. Due to lack of time, the discussions about Article 7, which provides for a postponement of the age of majority to 64, fell by the wayside… Parliamentary pendulums are required, the senators have now tackled the delicate reform. After a passage before the Senate Social Affairs Committee on February 28, the text has been at the Luxembourg Palace since Thursday March 2. A new parliamentary stage is planned until March 12th.

The government, on the other hand, remains in its boots, with a prime minister sticking to her guns. She continued to claim france infoon January 29 that the reform “is non-negotiable,” and reiterated on February 2 France 2 : “This reform will happen”! On February 25, when he visited the Salon de l’Agriculture, the President of the Republic banged on his questions between whistles and applause: We have to “save the pay-as-you-go system.”

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And yet! The opponents of the project are rising: 64% of the French say they are against it. 72% support the mobilizations. As for the inter-syndical, which opposes the text, following the success of the first days of protests on March 7th, it trumpeted “France stands still”.

Demonstration against the pension reform in Paris Place de la Bastille
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And government spokesman Olivier Véran should then take care of it at the end of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, April 1Is March, the “threat of ecological, agricultural or health, even human catastrophe”, immediately derided by unions and left-wing parties.

The relentless arm wrestling thus continues, with the filing of strike announcements, renewable in certain sectors (RATP, SNCF in particular) … And in the spotlight is this issue, updated in terms of social peace, still (and still) weakened: “At any cost? » …

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… by Juliette Cosme