The Darkness of Tourism, Why Do Many People Love Tourism?

The Darkness of Tourism, Why Do Many People Love Tourism?

The world of tourism is becoming increasingly diverse today. The places tourism not in the case of beautiful places like beaches or mountains.

Now, there is a trend of tourism in the form of dark tourism. Dark tourism It is a tourist activity that is done by visiting places of disaster or horror in the past.

What exactly? dark tourism? This tour is special, because she chose to make the places where the victims were hit by disasters, for tourism.

Almost every country in the world, including Indonesia, has something dark tourism. One of the most famous in the world is the tour of Chernobyl, a city in Ukraine that suffered the worst nuclear explosion in the history of human civilization in 1986.

Then, there is also tourism to Alcatraz, the worst prison in the world located in the United States. Currently in Indonesia, there is a small treasure museum in Yogyakarta, which contains artifacts from the 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi.

Alcatraz is seen in San Francisco, California on October 9, 2015. AFP PHOTO/JOSH EDELSON / AFP PHOTO / Josh EdelsonAlcatraz Prison, California, USA. (Photo: AFP PHOTO / Josh Edelson)

As reported Washington Postan expert in the field of tourism at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, J. John Lennon, mentioned. dark tourism it’s actually nothing new. A few years ago, many people started researching and discovering the places where disasters happened.

But now the deadline has come dark tourism to define tourism to places far from pleasant. After most of the people who like it dark tourismit turns out that there is a desire for disaster or disaster by looking closely.

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There are historical values ​​that take people’s attention away from the place dark tourism. The train dark tourism it is believed that there will be more acceptance in the future, especially because there are opportunities for tourism.


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