The Credits – TV Show: Sailor Moon | The Law of Series #678

The Credits – TV Show: Sailor Moon | The Law of Series #678

For this new edition, our show revives the formula of stories that will take you into the mystery of programming, here Sailor Moon.

What if we told you how your favorite shows came about? We are considering the possibility of reconnecting with our stories. Tell about the making of a series, an animated film or a cult series in less than 30 minutes. Are you in? Previously unreleased, let’s celebrate 30 years together Sailor Moona cult cartoon from Club Dorothée.

What is this series? Bunny is a very absent-minded 14-year-old middle school girl. One day she meets Luna, a cat that comes out of nowhere, who entrusts her with magical powers that allow her to transform into Sailor Moon, a warrior of the moon, thanks to a magical brooch. This is how she discovers that she is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, who once lived in the Kingdom of the Moon with the Queen Mother and her four loyal friends, the Sailor Warriors (Sailor Senshi). Driven from her lands by Dark Kingdom envoys (led by Queen Peril -Beryl in VO- and her henchmen) she was forced to take refuge in the body of an earth woman. During her adventures she becomes Molly/Ami (Sailor Mercury) in the 8th episode, Raya/Rei (Sailor Mars) in the 10th, Marcy/Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) in the 25th and finally Mathilda/Minako (Sailor Venus) meet the 33rd who has been playing superheroes under the name Sailor V for a year already. Other Sailors will join the group as the seasons progress, like other planets, to fight evil...

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