The Code Season 2 (6×52 minutes) | The Law of Series #654

The Code Season 2 (6×52 minutes) | The Law of Series #654

For the broadcast of Code season 2 on France 2, series creator Lionel Olenga is with us, accompanied by Daniel Njo Lobé (Idriss).

Season 2 of code will continue on France 2 on Wednesday evening and with these new episodes the series has gained momentum with a high quality of stories. How is season 2 structured? What are the challenges for the actors, the production (by Bénédicte Delmas) and the script? We talk about it with the creator of the series, Lionel Olengaand the one with whom the story begins Daniel Njo Lobe (aka Idriss Toma).

What is The Code Season 2? Lawyer Idriss Toma’s secret is out: as the partner’s health becomes increasingly worrying, each of the members of Ayad, Toma and Vanhoven tries to deal with it in their own way. But they will remain true to their oath: to defend their clients to the end, regardless of the difficulty of the case and the intimate dilemmas they face.

*We have mentioned many subjects, issues, problems in this program, but we have not mentioned all of them. Which doesn’t mean we forget them. So we also think of all the actors who play in the series, like Catherine Demaiffe, Théo Frilet; the authors (especially the co-creators of the series Nicolas Robert and Cécile Even) or the composers of the music (Michaël Tordjman, Michael Desprez).

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