The “center” of THIS BABY MONSTER nicknamed “Next BLACKPINK Jennie”

The “center” of THIS BABY MONSTER nicknamed “Next BLACKPINK Jennie”

Ahead of BABYMONSTER’s official debut, THIS member who is poised to become the center of the group is already earning the nickname “Next BLACKPINK Jennie”. Here’s why.

(Photo: Ahyeon (@BAEMOCENTRAL Twitter))


(Image: BLACKPINK Jennie (January 16))

On February 27th, YG Entertainment uploaded a new video titled BABYMONSTER – Introducing Ahyeon. Ahead of the group’s debut, the agency released a series of videos to preview each member’s charms. In fact, Ahyeon, Ruka, Pharita, Rora, Asa, and Chiquita’s videos had previously been revealed.

After her introductory video, Ahyeon became a hot topic in SNS and web communities the same day. In particular, the soon-to-be-debuted idol not only deserves praise for her beauty and skill, but BLACKPINK Jennie was also remembered by many after seeing her.

In particular, idol trainee Ahyeon, just like the global superstar, has versatile traits that will surely play a crucial role in enhancing the team’s overall presence.


Alluding to Ahyeon’s role as the center of BAEMON, choreographer LEEJUNG said:

“She’s the one who understands best what I mean by control. That’s why it’s the best balance when it’s in the middle. I think I can say that she is the best for the central position.”

Jennie, who is the center of the quartet, also has explosive rap skills and an impressive dance line. But she is also a competent and stable singer.
After seven years, someone has followed in his footsteps, and it’s none other than Ahyeon!

Possessing a clean and pure tone when singing, the trainee has hip-hop and YG swag when rapping, offering a glimpse of her limitless spectrum.

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Aside from the idol skills, Ahyeon’s appearance, intelligence and personality were also praised. When fans see her preview photos, they can’t help but admire her natural beauty.

Similar to Jennie, member BABYMONSTER is also multilingual, speaking Korean, English and Chinese since she was five.

(Photo: Ahyeon (@CJJ_HUSKEY Twitter))

BLINKs ask YG Entertainment to protect BLACKPINK Jennie from leaked photos

(Photo: Edaily)

After all, according to his friends, his personality is impressive. According to her story on Ahyeon, the future idol works hard both as an apprentice and as a student, showing her perseverance and role model.

Yang Hyun Suk, Executive Producer of YG said:

“Ahyeon is a warrior with too many weapons. Every time I see her I think, ‘It’s hard to have it all.’

BABYMONSTER YouTube channel surpasses 1.13 million subscribers

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is a new girl group released by YG about seven years after BLACKPINK, and most of them are teenage girls.


(Photo: Ilgan Sports)

On February 8th, the agency launched its official BABYMONSTER YouTube channel, and about three weeks after its release, the channel has already amassed 1.13 million subscribers and 160 million content views. This is a huge achievement considering the team has yet to debut.

With this, the septet is expected to transform the global music market beyond the domestic music industry in 2023 as they have a wide range of singing, dancing, rap and visual skills, in a multinational composition including three Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora ), two Thais (Pharita, Chiquita) and two Japanese (Ruka, Asa).

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