The cast of Reply 1997 calls for a sequel

The cast of Reply 1997 calls for a sequel

As casting of Answer 1997 celebrated the tenth anniversary of the drama’s broadcast, they also met with the director again. They didn’t miss the opportunity to ask about a possible continuation of the successful series.


Actor Lee Si Eun etc This is from Guk revealed that a sequel too Answer 1997 often appears as a topic of discussion for them. Lee Si Eun said: “Filming Reply 1997 was a very good memory for me, so I want to do a sequel.‘ he asked the director Shin won Ho if he wanted to get there.

Shin Won Ho admitted he didn’t know”felt like missing the old characters (he) did» until the shooting Answer 1994. When he invited them Answer 1997 Casting for the bus scene, Shin Won Ho realized he missed the characters as well.

After finally sharing the same sentiments as viewers, Shin Won Ho revealed that he and the screenwriter Lee Woo Young wanted to make one Answer 1997 the following. They discussed making it a single episode instead of a full season.

With the consent of the main cast and the director, they may release a special sequel as a birthday present for fans in the future.


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