THE BOYZ members reveal their playlist Soompi

THE BOYZ members reveal their playlist Soompi

What are THE BOYZ members listening to?

On February 20th, the 11-piece boy band made their comeback to the South Korean music scene with an eighth mini-album entitled BE AWAKE and the title track ROAR.

Today Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo and Eric have put together a playlist that caters to all tastes.

Below is their playlist, then under each of the tracks and a detailed explanation of their choices.

About their own songs:


SANGYEON: “Our new song is called “ROAR”! I hope you will like it. »

JACOB : “Our new song “ROAR” is full of charisma. I bet you can’t wait to listen, right? :)”

YOUNG HOON: “Are you ready to “ROAREN” with us? I missed you THEB! »

hyunjae: “I hope you like ‘ROAR’!” We put all the charms of THE BOYZ into it. »

JUYEON: “‘ROAR’ and our previous song, ‘WHISPER’, are linked by the same storyline, so they’re even better when you hear them together. »

Kevin: “This will be the year of THEBs. “ROAR”! »

NEW : “I think the concept behind this song is the clearest and most original thing we’ve ever done. I think it shows how much THE BOYZ have matured. »

q : ” Hey guys! Are you ready for ROAR! »

JU HAKNYEON: “2023 ‘will be mine’ (refers to the lyrics of ‘ROAR’ in Korean). If you want 2023 to be your year, be sure to listen to “ROAR.” »

SUN: “I hope that our track ‘ROAR’ will help listeners express their frustrations that have been held inside them this year and have nowhere else to go. »

Eric: “If there’s something you want or want to achieve, be sure to listen to THE BOYZ’s ‘ROAR’ while you do it! You can do it ! »

THE BOYZ – Awaken

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SANGYEON: “I recommend Awake, the intro that ties into ROAR. »

JACOB : “‘Awake’ is a good song to listen to to help you wake up in the morning. I recommend it! »

YOUNG HOON: “The other members and I worked hard to record this one. I hope you will hear it a lot. »

hyunjae: “I recommend this one because it’s fun to listen to how it relates to ‘ROAR’ and how our voices have evolved. »

JUYEON: “I like the heavy beat and lyrics of ‘Awake’. The members worked very hard on this album and even helped with the writing. It’s called “BE AWAKE” and it has many different song styles and I hope everyone will enjoy it. »

Kevin: “‘WHISPER’ has matured and now the ‘Awake’ intro to ‘ROAR’ is awakening. I hope you like it. »

NEW : “I hope people listen to this song before they hear ‘ROAR.’ I used a different voice than usual for singing. It’s my favorite piece. Haha”

q : “We put a lot of emotion into our singing so please pay attention to the lyrics when listening. :)”

JUHAKNYEON: “If you’re looking for a song that sounds like ‘ROAR’ but also has a ‘dreamy’ feel to it, I recommend ‘Awake’. »

SUN: “‘Awake’ is extremely hip and there are a lot of elements that also explain ‘ROAR’ very well, so it’s fun to listen to the two songs back-to-back. »

Eric: “Listen to THE BOYZ’s ‘Awake’ if you want to unleash your latent charm in an explosion of confidence and charisma. »

“I don’t think I like her” (Charlie Puth)
Recommended by SANGYEON

SANGYEON: “I recommend Charlie Puth because I really like him and I still think he’s a musical genius. His new songs are really good. :)”

“Oh oh” (Bazzi)
JACOB’s recommendation

JACOB : “I love this artist and I really enjoy listening to this song because the melody and the instruments work so well together. »

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“Your Face” (Lucia)
YOUNGHOON recommendation

YOUNG HOON: “This song makes me smile when I hear it. She really makes me feel peaceful. »

“Ay Yo” (NKT 127)
Recommended by HYUNJAE

hyunjae: “I get excited when I hear this song. So I would like to recommend it to THEB. »

“I can’t take my eyes off you” (Lauryn Hill)
JUYEON’s recommendation

JUYEON: “It’s already a popular song, but I’m especially excited when I hear Lauryn Hill’s rendition. »

“Brother!” (AJR)
KEVIN’s recommendation

Kevin: “I love the cool combination of electronic/Broadway music and clever lyrics. »

“By My Side” (TAEYEON)
Recommendation from NEW

NEW : “I really get into the unique mood of this song when I hear it. Then I listen to it over and over again. Haha”

“Time of Our Lives” (DAY6)
Q’s recommendation

q : “I’m full of emotions when I hear this song. »

“Gift” (MeloMance)
Recommended by JU HAKNYEON

JUHAKNYEON: “THEBs have waited so long that I want to give them this song as a gift. »

“Thunder” (Imagine Dragons)
Recommended by SUNWOO

SUN: “I recommend this song because it can give you a really big confidence boost. »

“how deep?” (Tai Verdes)
Eric’s recommendation

Eric: I like the lyrics and the rhythm of the drums is captivating.

Source: Weverse Magazine