THE BOYZ fans amused by the group’s chaotic and hilarious arrival on Weverse Soompi

THE BOYZ fans amused by the group’s chaotic and hilarious arrival on Weverse Soompi

The members of THE BOYZ have made a remarkable appearance on Weverse!

On January 16th, we learned that the boy band was joining the platform, and the situation quickly became as fun as it was chaotic when the members of the group arrived.

In fact, while already inaugurating their arrival with two lives on the platform (the first for Juyeon’s birthday, the second with Jacob and Kevin making covers), the guys tested Weverse first, not without a little time came to the platform to express themselves for adaptation and discovery.

At the same time, all members of THE BOYZ came to write posts on Weverse, some asked how the platform works and ran tests by commenting under their own posts. Then, little by little, they discovered the different functionalities of Weverse and kept asking each other in the comments: “How do you do that?! »as soon as one of the members has found something new to do.

They also spent hours replying to and interacting with fan posts, with Q making fans laugh by responding to all the fans posting funny photos from Sunwoo’s past, which quickly became a particularly heated argument between the members self-led Mention the humor with which Kevin, with all his quick wit, responds to fans, or the general misunderstanding of members trying to adjust to the platform.

They have been interacting with the fans for hours as soon as their section on Weverse was opened, some of the members are even still using their UNIVERSE account to tell their fans that Weverse is not easy to use, but it’s a lot of fun.

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In any case, the group’s exchange greatly amused their fans, who are already responding en masse to Weverse.

Jacob and Kevin’s first 2-hour Weverse live was actually seen by 100,000 fans, while Juyeon’s birthday live just before that drew 150,000 fans in 40 minutes.

Here you can find THE BOYZ on Weverse.